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#1 by beliar
2020-03-22 at 00:07
Just doing this to tell you not to boss people around. Your high and mighty attitude isn't welcome on the website.
Just doing this to tell you I'm an admin of this site, so I have every right to boss you.
I don't give a rat's ass if you don't like it, but it's you that needs an attitude adjustment if you think my message to you was "bossy".
In fact it was downright mellow and simply informative. However, it is you that seems to be hell bent on pushing your thoughts and ideas on other people and getting angry when people point out why you shouldn't be doing that.
No matter, if you continue down this dark path, the problem will be solved with a push of a button...Last modified on 2020-03-22 at 00:07
#2 by paladin-pure
2020-03-22 at 00:08
It's not my fault the guidelines weren't clear enough now is it, Admin-sama?
#3 by beliar
2020-03-22 at 00:22
The guidelines were considered good enough, even if they were not entirely clear. However, it was never a huge priority to change them as we expected people to apply common sense when using them, which worked fro us for over ten years.

There have never been major edit wars involving images and even if some application was inconsistent (a shot of underwear marked as safe for one VN, but unsafe for another), that was not a huge problem, as VNDB in on itself has always been considered unsafe. Hence, seeing some borderline unsafe imagery was expected.

Now, we are completely overhauling the rules, which will throw out majority of the current flags out the window. You insisting waging a quixotian edit war is completely counterproductive. Not to mention you are incapable of interacting with people in a manner that is not at least passive-aggressive.
Take a chill pill, smoke some weed and return once the new system is live.
#4 by paladin-pure
2020-03-22 at 00:30
Weed sucks. Suggest me something else. I'm too tight rn.
#5 by skorpiondeath
2020-03-22 at 02:02
And guess what you were already been informed in a non-bossy way t13674.4. Did you care? Nope. Proabably your attitude is what is not welcomed in this site...Last modified on 2020-03-22 at 02:02
#6 by paladin-pure
2020-03-22 at 23:47
.Last modified on 2020-03-22 at 23:51
#7 by skorpiondeath
2020-03-23 at 02:14
.Last modified on 2020-03-23 at 02:14
#8 by fuukanou
2020-03-23 at 04:47


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