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#1 by lunaflina
2020-03-22 at 02:56
< report >I honestly can't believe my eyes. I walked in just because I am a huge fan of Usamani and Piyodera artworks. Apparently, apart from looking like any loli bait nukiges, these games have way many deeper aspects to cover. They managed to be really impactful to me in a very unique way that I kept having thoughts about them constantly after finishing each of them, about love, desire, and philosophy of life.

All of them seem to carry the same main gimmick. That gimmick deals with heavy subject matters related to existentialism and escapism. It sets a scene of the protagonist, or the heroines, or both, facing any social problems they have in their life. After experiencing love with each other, they all came down to one solution: to lock themselves in their own world, away from the dark side of society. Only that, they can no longer experience loneliness and be forgiven. It is why the phrase "だめなおとなになりましょう" from the first game left so many impressions behind it, and it also reverberates to the next games in a similar way.

The negative side of society affected a lot of people. It is the indirect cause to the appearance of any neets, introverts, closet weaboos, those with no social status or relationship, or even lolicons and psychopaths. Unless they have a full mental breakdown, they always have to wear a mask to blend in with society. They keep on hurting themselves keeping that mask on, and it still slowly destroys their inside over time, because there were no other choices for them. This target audience is what this Lolita series are for. They are for those who experience loneliness and depression, for those who seek for salvation and forgiveness, for those who want to indulge in lust to break free from the path of crime.

Back to the vn themselves. They have that same gimmick and goal, but each of them cover up different philosophical topics. The order is at follows:
>1+1fd: Only those who share the same loneliness can sympathize with each other. When your important one manages to feel that loneliness of yours, it is no longer called loneliness. That itself, is love
>2: The efforts of overcoming differences, both physically and mentally, between each other to seek for immoral love and happiness, and return something to life
>3: Everything is like two sides of the same coin. You need to find out carefully what you would want to do with those inside yourself, to share with your important ones
>4: "Everyone deserves a little bit of happiness", along with "The relation between happiness and physical/mental wealth"
>5: If you ever feel lost on the path of seeking truth, remember that there is always a place called home for you to come back to
>6: The provocation to break free and seek for freedom, after losing your only thread of reason to keep you alive
Each of them sets the readers in different scenarios, so this series still manages to keep its freshness over time. They also resonate inside each reader differently, depending on how much they can relate to each scenarios, or what they desire of in each game.

Another difference from the games is how the 4th game started to switch into having 2 heroines. This leaves more rooms to express their respective topics in multiple viewpoints; plus the switch from NVL to ADV also did something, which is for focusing on the cgs and backgrounds, like shifting the focus from expressing love to expressing desire. I personally enjoy the love aspect more, so the first 3 (or 4 if fandisc counts) games left me a better impression. The 6th game also has メスガキ type heroines, which is completely different from the rest.

To put in detail about the script writing, they have... nothing special. These stories seem like they don't try to resolve any conflicts. They are not meant to be nakiges, they are not supernatural stories beyond this world, there are no accidents, deaths, dramas. Even when the scenarios sounded quite dark, they never focus more in detail about how and why. Simply put, these are serious stories without any tension at all. Not like they would ever need it, when the writing is mainly about healing the reader's wounds.

For a person who chose the path of loneliness, this series hit me real hard, especially the first game. Over time, one might forget how lonely they are if they get used to it.

But, playing it made me realize something. Deep down, I still want some kind of love that I can sympathize with.

Soushisouai Lolita, along with the rest in the series, gave me just the right thing I've always desired of in a story. Their grandness and impact are as small as a needle, but it managed to hit just the right kind of person and sew up the void in my heart that I never even realized it was there. It didn't show me how beautiful life can be like another game I deemed true masterpiece. It didn't give me the cuteness of a character like how I've always loved in a vn. What it gave me, was a realization about the growing sadness deep inside me, then gave me the perfect medicine for it.

There is still much more about the first game that I just can't express enough. The theme of loneliness that I can see myself in there so clearly, the understanding with both the protagonist and the heroine, the desire to protect and be protected by the heroine, the desire to be forgiven after indulging in sinful lust, all of them felt so real. I had literal emotional breakdowns while playing that I cannot explain why.

I just... hope that, I can finally meet Mako one day...Last modified on 2020-03-22 at 02:56
#2 by tomtheerogeman
2020-03-22 at 04:49
< report >I have a question about these games; in your opinion, do any of the protagonists ever pressure the heroines to perform sex acts they aren't comfortable doing, or lie to them to get them to do things they otherwise wouldn't do? It doesn't seem like it after reading your post, but then again the feelings that people call love, loneliness, etc. is a bit subjective so I think I should ask.

I ask because it's hard for me to figure out whether a lolige has this before playing it. While fiction doesn't disturb me in the slightest and I can still enjoy a VN with a manipulative protagonist if the story seems interesting to me, my problem stems from the fact that my dick turns soft pretty quickly when I read about someone being hurt or taken advantage of. Do you think I would still like these eroges?
#3 by lunaflina
2020-03-22 at 07:30
< report >Can't tell if the story would be as your liking or not, since the main audience of these games are depressed people. But for the first part you asked, none of them do any of those acts in the slightest, except for the 5th game which is kinda debatable, since the protagonist is somewhat a sadist. Just check the preview images and reviews on DLsite and see for yourself.

If there were any deceptions, these wouldn't be counted as pure love stories in the first place.
#4 by vnerogereview
2020-07-01 at 19:14
< report >I know this is pretty late, but I also agree that this title really hit me hard with its philosophy and sociology. The fact that these "young" characters are ones able to discuss these topics is something unexpected of in itself and I've already enjoyed Usashiromani and Piyoderamucha's artworks that I follow both artist on pixiv.

Might I suggest you try another title called Yoru Meguru? link
It's also written by porori, the same writer for this series and another title I greatly enjoyed because he does really well the same thing I appreciate in the Loliita series.

I also have a review for said title if you'd like: link

It's good to know there's someone who can really appreciate the in-depth aspects of this series and not just think it's just another loli eroge.

Though I do disagree on some things, one thing I'll wholeheartedly agree is that I'm looking forward to more titles from porori.
#5 by lunaflina
2020-07-03 at 01:00
< report >Ended up looking at your review for the first 3 games from your blog too, and there is one interesting thought from it that I feel inclined to comment on since I didn't.

This series wouldn't work well at all, or would have its purpose changed completely if the heroine was older, or if they are the same age. Let's say if Mako was set to meet the person who can save her from her loneliness when she becomes an adult, I believe she would have died before that could happen, since she is still, a girl. Males should be able to handle this, they are supposed to regress expressing their feelings. The fact that she's a young girl also covered something: you can have creampie sex with her to the fullest of your desire since she doesn't have a period yet. Society wouldn't judge you for what you did in this world, instead, it forgives you for being on this corrupted path, and this is the "Utopia" existing in the series, the world that you could find genuine love with little girls, a reason to exist, to believe life is worth living, despite having no way back. As such, ending these titles with pregnancy means that Utopia will eventually come to an end, followed by the birth of a "new reality", the world of true loneliness that the characters can live happily together, and no other things would come in their way anymore.

I don't believe I would be the person to bring justice to this series for the community, nor do I want to show them the world of porori and how much praises he should have deserved, because of how selfish I am. I play visual novels for a purpose, to search for a character that I can fully dedicate my love to in my pathetic life. For a person who cannot have an affection towards adult looking characters, Mako wasn't the first girl that fulfilled that purpose of mine, but she was the first to make me believe that purpose had a meaning. I finally found a character that I can share my lonely love with, and I will forever be grateful to porori and anyone who can appreciate this series for that.

Maybe I would love to see what more porori could do in Yoruboku. I can tell that the experience won't be the same anymore, not after when I found my true purpose, but reliving that heartfelt experience is still something worth to go through isn't it.
#6 by forever-here
2020-07-03 at 03:56
< report >the entire appeal of this series (or at least from what I can tell in Soushisouai Lolita no Seikatsu), is the taboo of loving lolis itself. pedos are the most oppressed group after all. even more so than gamers. making the characters more adult will destroy the entire thing.

it does pose questions like, if you can trust the older, mature woman to me, why can't you trust the loli to me? what's stopping you? are you prejudiced? might as well not trust me at all. I've used this tactic on arranged marriages myself and it has been very effective to the point that I'm now shunned. not that I care. their prejudice is seething after all. they don't have to speak. they don't even have to do anything. their judgmental eyes are enough for me to say nope to this overly sensitive people. why even bother when porn is just a few clicks away? too much effort. I say they are worse than SJW/tumblrites.

making the heroines older will destroy the entire taboo and the social stigma that surrounds it.Last modified on 2020-07-03 at 03:59


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