Weird question, but...

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#1 by vannegla
2020-03-23 at 09:39
Did this game just predict Covid-19?Last modified on 2020-03-23 at 09:39
#2 by kougamin
2020-03-23 at 18:56
Not really, hay fever is a common occurrence in Japan.
#3 by eacil
2020-03-23 at 19:50
Just look at what I read in Will: A Wonderful World. That sure was a weird coincidence, to hear about coronavirus in my Chinese VN... Does that mean 4D Door Games are the ones who spread COVID-19??? When you think about the plot in this VN, it's even weirder.
#4 by vannegla
2020-03-24 at 00:33
#3 Holy shit that looks too elaborate to be a coincidence, but it is.... right?

#2 This VN says "new kind of influenza" so it's not really a common hay fever, and the question came up to me when seeing the VN's release date.Last modified on 2020-03-24 at 00:45
#5 by naiohoras
2020-03-24 at 00:46
at this point fictions are eating up ideas that one of them will predict the world's events eventually.
#6 by zakashi
2020-03-24 at 00:55
Ho-ho, good to know this, I'll add this to my conspiracy theory collection, together with matrix predicting the 11/09:linkLast modified on 2020-03-24 at 01:00


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