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#1 by danteas
2020-03-24 at 18:37
< report >can someone spoil to me what happened to maia. what was the truthLast modified on 2020-03-24 at 18:37
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2020-03-24 at 22:10
< report >there is no truth anymore, what you know in main story is everything and no other possibility
#3 by freestyle80
2020-09-09 at 16:01
< report >What happens in this fandisc?
#4 by diabloryuzaki
2020-09-09 at 19:01
< report >it is just a dream for one day after you reach true end and before the mc really wake up
#5 by freestyle80
2020-09-10 at 07:39
< report >ah so no explanation for who Alice is?
#6 by diabloryuzaki
2020-09-10 at 09:02
< report >it is included of course because in hapymaher 1 true end, she have big role to secret heroine
#7 by freestyle80
2020-09-10 at 11:42
< report >cool thanks for the info


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