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#376 by oblivion
2021-06-15 at 05:56
< report >Well... I use the full screen mode and take my time.

About this one link there is a lot of blood, a dismembered corpse hanging from the ceiling, a torso on the left and a head on the right side. The image is really small, but once you zoom in pressing "v", it's very clear to me.

Thanks for taking a look at my list. If I find more, I will come back. Hopefully I'm not being too annoying ^^.
#377 by Ezezin
2021-06-24 at 17:46
< report >Shouldn't this image be labeled as explicit? You can see visible nipples in what appears to be a female body.
#378 by NaioHoras
2021-06-24 at 17:56
< report >damn, those dots are sexy
#379 by styjoy
2021-11-10 at 10:24
< report >link
Should be suggestive with background adult toys.
#380 by Mrkew
2021-11-25 at 08:35
< report >link
Still shown as suggestive after 16 votes with HCG and exposed nipples on the cover
#381 by Jazz957
2021-12-15 at 16:22
< report >link
Flagged as brutal.
#382 by styjoy
2021-12-24 at 03:38
< report >link
Explicit posters and covers in the background
#383 by Jazz957
2021-12-29 at 18:58
< report >link This isn't really brutal right?
#384 by barfboy
2021-12-30 at 04:47
< report >Do non human characters have the same rules as human ones? Like a centuar not wearing a dress or pants or a mermaid wearing only a top?
#385 by Ileca
2021-12-30 at 05:22
< report >Dude, be logical/use common sense...
Don't suddenly flag the Little Mermaid as explicit... I am sure you can understand that it will depend on how the nude parts are sexualized. If you start flagging no pants centaurs then you also flag no pants horses and that doesn't make any sense. Of course, if you see the horse's dong...
#386 by barfboy
2021-12-31 at 14:26
< report >Just being pedantic. Thanks.
#387 by styjoy
2022-01-06 at 14:18
< report >link
visible blood


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