Someone can give me recommend like this?

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#1 by shirokuza
2020-03-30 at 13:49
< report >This is best vn for me, so can you give me recommendation similar to Inochi no Spare? Maybe some sad ending, and also i'v been finished Dekinai Kurikaesu so someone can give me recommendation about this, ty.Last modified on 2020-03-30 at 13:53
#2 by naiohoras
2020-03-31 at 08:37
< report >read d6#6
also, what are you doing talking all by yourself? see your thread setting wkwk
#3 by yorhel
2020-03-31 at 10:24
< report >
also, what are you doing talking all by yourself
Nah, that's me moving recommendation threads to people's personal boards.
#4 by shirokuza
2020-04-02 at 13:33
< report >Wtf so funny xD, why i make thread on my profile lol, someome moving here. Ma, i don't know much or less about forum guideliness sorry if i make some problem.


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