Which was your favorite route??

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#1 by creedhood
2020-04-07 at 09:37
I'd like to know what you think of the heroines and their story. Without spoilers if you might.Last modified on 2020-04-07 at 09:37
#2 by forever-here
2020-04-07 at 09:52
I'd like to know as well. Saki so far has been bleh to me.
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2020-04-07 at 11:01
There is no best storyline, because this vn is created to let the reader have best experience to date their favorite girl
#4 by colossal
2020-04-08 at 02:28
I like all the heroines. They each have nice romantic and funny moments which are varied and make each route feel fresh.
#5 by taiketsu
2020-04-09 at 14:54
After having finished the game now i can agree that Karen was the best heroine.
Personally i liked Reina/Sakis ending rly much but yeah. Mashiro was rly funny for being "stupid" and being and oddball. Ako dunno how to feel about it, it was ok i guess.
Best part of the game for me was the comedy.
#6 by vereth
2020-04-09 at 16:37
Yeah, overall Karen was the best route, but the best Epilogue, for me, Saki... more vanilla than that... impossible.

Reina atm is, ok? just noisy kouhai stuff until now.
Ako and Mashiro didn't played them.
#7 by renaxan
2020-04-10 at 12:31
Karen get more spice on her route and the romance more believeable in her side, no doubt best route,
But im personally like reina as heroine, for the comedy and the epilogue are satisfying.
Saki was just okay, i like her mature part and saki meet mc family moment was hillarious.
Mashiro was oddball, i cant get understand her xD but it was quite okay ish
Ako just little sister route all over again. I cant complete her route due my personal taste.
#8 by molester
2020-04-10 at 17:40
Karen is pretty much the best girl overall, I wish they'd just made her epilogue with more closure to it.

Now playing Reina, seems interesting enough to keep my attention.

Gonna go with Saki after that.
#9 by rumbletosh
2020-04-11 at 03:47
The best girl overall i think is Karen,Ako,Saki,Reina,Mashiro
#10 by ichigokami
2020-04-12 at 16:01
Good to know the English readers have good taste and recognise that karen is best girl as well.
#11 by forever-here
2020-04-14 at 01:12
they all look the same but with different clothes. route-wise I'd definitely pick Karen but let's be honest, she's the only one with some semblance of a plot. heroine-wise I'm going full Mashiro. the more introverted, the less nagging.
#12 by creedhood
2020-04-15 at 19:54
Thank you all for the opinions. I've just finished the game and my fav route as heroine-wise is Karen (like #11 said she was the only one with some semblance of a plot).

Karen > Saki > Reina > Mashiro > AkoLast modified on 2020-04-15 at 19:54
#13 by thevsamovies
2020-04-21 at 18:40
Reina underrated af on this poll. Her route was a blast and rather funny imo. Still, I'm not gonna vote until I've done *all* the heroines ;)
#14 by vereth
2020-04-23 at 20:44
Well, finished it, still think the same, Karen best girl and route. Saki best epilogue.

So overall, best girls: 1. Karen; 2. Saki or/and Ako; 3. Mashiro; 4. Reina

The epilogues, except Saki, kinda lacked closure. Specially Ako's, after X time skip, almost nothing changed... like wtf, if you played her route you know the depth of their feelings... and still the epilogue is like that... what a downer, she should have the Saki epilogue AT LEAST, if we take her as the "canon" girl that her route implies she is.

Welp, now let's wait for the fan disk translation.
#15 by perch
2020-04-28 at 17:12
Karen's route was definitely the best, and Ako's route was second-best imoLast modified on 2020-04-28 at 22:16
#16 by pik3rob
2020-06-03 at 08:25
Definitely Saki's. It felt like the most mature relationship with the best balance of humor and proper conversation between the Heroine and the Protagonist. It actually felt like the most genuine relationship and was easily the most believable pairing. The ending is often criticized for not having much going on to end in a "satisfying" way, but it's not really any weaker than the other endings, since it ends on an optimistic note that doesn't feel undeserved, and without any forced in last minute drama to give a false sense of importance.
People keep on saying Karen's was the best, but I don't really think so. Her personality isn't anything too impressive, and the drama in her route while not as shoe horned as the others, wasn't particularly satisfying since it didn't head in any interesting directions with a lot of it being very predictable. She and the protagonist also don't have the right spark in their relationship where they feel like actual equals, which was sadly the way SMEE advertised the route.
#17 by forever-here
2020-06-03 at 10:29
Saki is the weather girl right? yeah she's my least favorite for one reason: she tried to control you. to be precise, your sexual advances. look you're nearing 30. the time to act like a cute little innocent girl that goes kyaaa on the slightest ecchi has long passed. I can already imagine the nagging and whining and bitching in the immediate future of theirs. if that's not a recipe for a divorce, what is?

edit: as for Karen, yeah we're just saying she's got the best route because she has what little drama this title can offer. as for them being equals, I have to ask what does being equal mean? if equals just mean you are paying for your own shit and nothing more. might as well just live in a different apartment and just pay for your own shit.Last modified on 2020-06-03 at 10:33
#18 by pik3rob
2020-06-03 at 18:56
Saki doesn't really try to control him tho. She has sexual boundaries sure, but she even says in the route itself that she's fully willing to learn about his sexual desires and fulfill them. She can get a little jealous sometimes like she does with his favorite porn idols, but in the end she ends up spending an entire day watching all of his favorite porn videos just to get closer and better satisfy him sexually. Only thing is that at the beginning she isn't too open about sex since as the story establishes, she was pretty sheltered and is very inexperienced. She gradually begins to open up a lot to the protagonist to the point where by the end of the route they're comfortable enough around each other to render the point of her being controlling invalid.

I'd rather no drama than poor drama, but that's just a preference. By equal I mean, equal in relationship roles. Other than probably cooking, it seems that emotionally (which is the stuff I place the most importance in), the protagonist is the one supporting and helping Karen. He's the one who does the most for her, and their conversations seem to be more about dealing with her issues and fulfilling her desires, rather than doing things for both of them.Last modified on 2020-06-03 at 21:56
#19 by forever-here
2020-06-14 at 04:17
She gradually begins to open up a lot to the protagonist to the point where by the end of the route they're comfortable enough around each other to render the point of her being controlling invalid.

yeah I really doubt that. she controlled you once, she'll do it again. of course I'm talking off-screen. plus she's nearing 30. that's an age where you can no longer exactly tell someone to do X and not Y simply due to her being used to Z from her younger years. but ehh this is just a game. admittedly a poor game at that so I'll stop.

it seems that emotionally (which is the stuff I place the most importance in), the protagonist is the one supporting and helping Karen.

no they're not equals by a long shot at all. there's the supporter and there's the supported. by definition that is not equal.
#20 by tows
2020-06-27 at 00:11
Finally finished the game, so I will throw my couple of cents as well.

Honestly, I didn't expect anything from it, but I really, REALLY enjoyed it.

If I were to rate routes as in the best to the worst, it's basically like this:


Story-wise, Karen had a very promising beginning, a wonderful set-up, plus I am into tsunderes, but then the potential just... disappeared. Just evaporated. The route just slumped into mediocrity at some point. People kept saying that she's the best girl and has the best route, so I saved it for the last, but, eh, alas.

Saki's route was the first one I've read, and it came out to be surprisingly good. Some situations were pretty relatable and she herself is probably the best depiction of somewhat matured beauty who was sheltered her whole youth away from men: whether intentionally or not.

Mashiro's route was one big letdown, to be honest. The beginning felt so shoe-horned it killed the somewhat serious mood till the very end. I expected something more. I somewhat liked her character though.

Ako... I dunno. Again, I love her character, but her route becomes abysmally boring when "the line finally gets crossed". Not to mention, it features one of THE MOST FUCKING ANNOYING CHARACTERS of any VNs I've read so far, and you know which one I'm talking about. Basically, Ako's a good girl, but I had more fun watching her interactions with the MC outside of her own route, lol.

I actually didn't expect to like Reina at all, because I am oh-so-not a fan of clingy underclassmen, but... she's... actually extremely likeable. And her route happened to be extremely fun and interesting to read. There were some fun moments, there were some sad moments, but the story felt to be extremely smooth from the beginning to the end and, at moments, EXTREMELY sensual. Just, wow. I felt really invested into reading it. The only thing that pissed me off about Reina herself is how hard she wanted to get knocked up, but then again - it's Japan. Otherwise - the best girl with arguably the best route. I will probably revisit it in a few years.


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