Who the heck is the main character (spoilers)

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#1 by qwertas
2011-05-05 at 07:51
< report >So I just finished the game, and I still basically have no idea who the main character is.
I have a nagging suspicion that he is the boyfriend of Haruka who was involved in the traffic accident. Hence the opening scene of someone getting run over by a car, and why he can play guitar, and why the sisters are acting so suspiciously later on in the game - since he loses his memory every 13 days or something due to previous trauma.

But then again, in the flashbacks, the boyfriend definitely has different colored hair. And the first TV broadcast said something about a cyclist getting killed, not to mention that Chika keeps saying that it's her fault that the boyfriend is dead. A plausible explanation is that he dyed his hair for some odd reason, the TV broadcast is lying/not talking about the same cyclist, and Chika is referring to the boyfriends' past personality.

Regardless, reliving every 13 days as being new sucks x.x

Any thoughts?Last modified on 2011-05-05 at 09:15
#2 by eyeless
2011-05-05 at 08:15
< report >Okay I completed the game, and maybe I didn't understand something, but I thnk it is not the protagonist who loses the memory every 13 days, but Haruka. She forgets what happened more than 13 days in past, but she isn't losing all her memory every 13 days.

And while it is unclear who the protagonist is and what is he doing in their house, I don't think that he is Haruka's lost boyfrend...
#3 by qwertas
2011-05-05 at 08:32
< report >Yeah, but the opening couple of lines when he meets Akiko don't make sense then.
She asks him if he forgot his chores already, which implies that he had some sort of memory loss.

I also thought that Haruka was suffering from memory loss at first just because Chika mentions it right before we see Haruka with a bandage on her head in the hospital. But that seems rather unlikely. Through the game, we clearly see that Haruka is remembering things from the past. I mean, she recalls that her dad died 2 years ago.

Also, I just rewatched the ending, and I noted that the main character has half of the heart necklace sitting on his desk. Since Haruka has the other half of the necklace, and in the picture in the ending animation it shows Haruka and her boyfriend with the two pieces, I think it's pretty conclusive that the main character is the boyfriend

Also, the character in the opening animation is also wearing a half heart necklace. After the bike is hit, we see some books on the ground - one seems to be a guitar lesson book for Chika and the other a cooking book for Haruka.
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#4 by moriarty
2011-05-05 at 08:37
< report >In one of the phone conversations he says he had to cut his hair for his part-time job, I assumed that meant also getting rid of hair dye.
I can't remember clearly the bit about the announcer, but I thought it was pretty clear he was supposed to be the long-haired guy? He wouldn't remember Haruka's song otherwise and the reactions of the two sisters show they're putting up a front while being sad that he doesn't remember. Their reaction even changes if you input his name as the MC name.
Also, I think they're probably half-brother and sisters, as they know each other for their first time at their dad's funeral, and the guy talks like he was his father too.
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#5 by eyeless
2011-05-05 at 09:01
< report >
main character has half of the heart necklace sitting on his desk.
Hmm I thought it was Haruka's desk.

Also, game lasts 17 days so by that logic protagonist shoud've lost his memory on day 14?
#6 by qwertas
2011-05-05 at 09:17
< report >
I dont think it was Haruka's desk. I don't entirely remember her room, but I thought she had an actual full-sized desk on the right side of the room. In the ending it shows the necklace on a bedside table/desk. Also, the bed has an IV drip above it and I'm pretty sure Haruka didn't have one above her bed.

I thought the game ended on the 14th day? I dunno, maybe this time around, MC was lucky and retained his memories for longer lol

But it really seems like he is definitely the boyfriend. Through the first part of the game, I was wondering the whole time why Chika got so upset when the MC started playing that song on the guitar. It's probably because it reminds her of the past, since it was the boyfriends favorite song to play or something.

Did they ever mention the boyfriends name in the game? I'd like to see what dialogue differences there are if you input his name as the MCs.Last modified on 2011-05-05 at 09:22
#7 by moriarty
2011-05-05 at 09:24
< report >It's supposed to be けいすけ but I don't remember if they mention it wholly in game as I've read about it afterwards, iirc one of the sisters calls him Keichan or something like that.Last modified on 2011-05-05 at 09:38
#8 by naast
2011-05-12 at 04:30
< report >I also think that the main character is the lost boyfriend, and that he's probably Chika and Haruka's step brother. Also, Akira mentions Chika having a "new family" on one of the flashbacks, and that she has a new "onii-chan". That's probably the MC.

And about the memory loss stuff, isn't he supposed to only keep his memories from the past 13 days, instead of completely losing everything every 13 days?
On the last scene, where they're cooking, MC spaces out when hearing Chika's instructions, meaning he doesn't remember the time when they where cooking together.

There are a lot of unanswered questions in this game.
#9 by choux
2011-05-14 at 05:23
< report >It definitely wasn't Haruka's room, the placement of everything was different.
On a semi related note, does anyone remember the funeral? I'm a little confused about why the MC was there.
#10 by serialies
2011-05-30 at 13:24
< report >From what i understand (very superficial).

guy fathers two children to two different women.
guy dies
child from one mother (MC) hooks up with his half-sister (or something)
shit happens
amnesia and brain damage, same time gets a hair cut and his hair colour returns to its natural colour (grey/black)
for some reason he goes and lives with his half sister's family
nails EVERYONE in that family
#11 by zeroa1
2011-06-25 at 10:10
< report >Man I liked this but im totally confused.

The game tricks the player a lot. The cyclist who died at the start of the game is not the MC is just a coincidence to confuse us.

Haruka wasn't the one with amnesia...when she said "I lost part of my life" she said it for her boyfriend...and Chika never mentioned Haruka when she explained the 13 days memory problem...plus Haruka looked REALLY shocked when the MC played the song she made before the accident.

The room with the pendant is a room the MC never entered...there you can see that they are in the MC house (that's why Akiko didn't know where things like cooking oil where) the photos are from Akiko's friend (or relative) mother to MC or Keisuke (you can also see the pocket watch Akiko gave to her in the funeral) so I think that the MC is the "dead" boyfriend...the room in the ending was the room where the MC was before awakening (you can see the IV,the pendant and the photo).

The only unclear thing is what happened in the ending...even when he forgets what the sisters used to cook...he clearly remembers his relationship with Chika...and in the last day he remembers when they went to the lake, so Im not sure if he finally recovered from the accident.

So I really liked the game...but the confusing ending, the linear plot (I wanted a route for each sister) and so little Haruka love made this not as good as it could had been.Last modified on 2011-06-25 at 10:11
#12 by minoaruad
2012-01-26 at 09:41
< report >any News for English Subs to this Game ?
#13 by warfoki
2012-01-26 at 09:53
< report >The main page of the game was updated, if there would be.
#14 by remedil
2012-04-22 at 23:05
< report >It was obvious who the protag was, but who the hell was that fat guy? Greatest mystery in this entire game.
#15 by PabloC
2013-06-17 at 22:20
< report >Yay! Necro time. ^^

I have just finished this VN and it can be quite confusing at times, thanks to a rather chaotic flashbacks and many fake clues intentionally misleading the reader. But as long as you pay attention to little details, everything is pretty clear. #11 explained most of the stuff, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to put everything in somewhat chronological order.

First Akiko's husband dies. At the funeral, Haruka and Chika meet their relatives and their son Keisuke. They get along, Chika has a crush on him, but he goes out with Haruka.
One day, they are planning to go on a trip. At the very beginning of the game, we can see Keisuke talking in the phone booth with Chika and Haruka - if you listen carefully, you can hear Chika's voice saying that difficult guitar guides would be no good for her, he also has the half-heart pendant. Later he has an accident, in the school Haruka is informed about it by the staff, collapses and hits her head. Later she visits her boyfriend in the hospital (wearing bandage on her head), but he doesn't remember her (that's what she means when she says "I disappeared"). Accident caused him to loose his long-term memory - he only remembers the last 13 days (if you have read Ef - Chihiro had a similar condition).
Now we are at the beginning of the actual VN, when the protagonist (Keisuke) wakes up. His parents are apparently away, so Akiko takes care of him. He gets the chore list from her, the sisters arrive, stuff happens (the cyclist mentioned in the news somewhere at this point is a completely unrelated case). The occasional phone calls are most likely from his parents (and maybe from his doctor).

That's roughly how stuff happens in order. As for the ending:
Nothing changes, he still keeps losing his memories. The VN covers 15 days (and ends on the 16th, labelled "The last day"), so at the end he still remembers most of the stuff that happened during the game, except for the things that happened during the first few days. I don't remember when was their first cooking event, but if was around Day 2, then when they were cooking again on Day 14 it was already outside of his 13-day long memory. Chika intentionally pauses, because she hopes that he will remember mirin, but he doesn't. The lake however, was still within his memory range, so he remembers it just fine. Simple.
I don't remember the exact dates of earlier events though, so I could have missed some inconsistencies.

It is a somewhat open ending, but not really confusing.Last modified on 2013-06-17 at 22:21
#16 by omi
2016-01-28 at 00:41
< report >@15 u281 has it perfect and almost answers everything EXCEPT for who the hell is the old dude with the glasses that comes by and why does everyone get tense when he does? Chika even makes up an excuse to the protag (「。。。あの人は話長いから。。。」) when they hide behind a counter.
Also, if the protag really is Kousuke why would they have a weird reaction over him saying his name? If he only forgets every 13 days there's no reason he wouldn't know his name or at least be reminded of his own hame.
#17 by ceegee
2020-04-24 at 20:38
< report >Necro time again. ^^

Having just played this I believe the identity of the middle aged fat guy to be
the driver that hit the protagonist on his bicycle in the opening clip. This is likely due to the way he talks to the protagonist in the beginning in an overly familiar, and (kind of creepy) tone trying to help him. Likely due to his guilt for having hit him and ruining his life.

This is again shown when he arrives at the camping trip. While the girls seem to know him, they want the protag to have nothing to do with him, going so far as to hide the protag, despite the middle-aged guy being relatively friendly. Haruka shows him subdued awkwardness for dragging up old wounds, and Chika shows him open contempt which he accepts without complaint due to his guilt.

Personally, I think the middle aged guy is trying to atone for his sins with surface level sympathy but is truly, selfishly, trying to soothe his own guilty conscience despite the fact that he's obviously, though oblivious himself, and unintentionally, hurting them by digging up old wounds. The girls picked up on that and treat him accordingly.
Last modified on 2020-04-24 at 20:38
#18 by notrealz
2021-02-15 at 17:30
< report >I'm also necroing because of the ending.

I don't think the ending is as clear cut as it seems. The protag obviously has the capacity to recall his past, albeit involuntarily. He's shown to be able to do this through a) dreams (Haruka); and b) instinct. The latter can be seen in how he's easily able to not only play the guitar, but also remember complex songs. It's also seen in his skill in bed. Clearly, his sexual experience has remained despite the accident, as shown with the Akiko scene and how he guides Chika through her first time. How easily he gets along with the sisters might also indicate lingering feelings from his past.

There's also quite a lot of symbolism in the final scene. For the first time, we see the door leading up to the room that served as his makeshift hospital bed open. Never in the entire 17 days is that room acknowledged, talked about, or shown, despite being fairly centrally placed in the house. As if it was completely forgotten, or never even existed. Once opened, we're then greeted with past images of his life, but most importantly, the heart pendant, and subsequent reunification of it with its other half in a picture with the protag and Haruka. The song playing throughout the closing also has a mix of nostalgic, yet hopeful lyrics (of seeing one again on another day).

I think it's clear that the protag still struggles with his long-term memory, as pointed out in the cooking scene where he doesn't recall mirin as an ingredient in the spaghetti sauce. However, I also think it's heavily implied that he is in the first stages of his (most likely excruciatingly slow) recovery. The laughter and hopeful mood of the sisters at the very end upon noticing the slight change point in that direction. He probably will never fully recall his past, but it's not far-fetched to think he could regain (or even has started to) some semblance of long-term memory faculties and will create a new life with them.
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