Favorite Route?

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#1 by sai9497
2011-05-06 at 02:59
I personally liked the Nagisa/After Story route the most. Post which route you liked the most here.

EDIT: I also pretty much loved every route except Kyou's. The constant change of pace was annoying as hell.Last modified on 2011-05-25 at 04:28
#2 by overkill373
2011-05-06 at 03:56
probably Tomoyo

the comedy and drama was good, and i rly liked the ending
#3 by justinizhere
2011-05-06 at 04:04
kotomi <3, she was my favorite character from clannad and i loved her ending.Last modified on 2011-05-06 at 05:05
#4 by hlavajda
2011-05-06 at 12:35
It's difficult...propably Nagisa+AS or Tomoyo
#5 by izmosmolnar
2011-05-06 at 13:26
Jet Saito route was the best.Last modified on 2011-05-06 at 13:27
#6 by akisigure
2011-05-06 at 14:50
Sunohara. Tomoyo, Kotomi and Yukine were good too.
#7 by mrbill
2011-05-18 at 17:37
Nagisa After Story of course, but also enjoyed Sunohara and Kotomi a lot. All the routes are excellent, but these 3 stand out.
#8 by gabezhul
2011-05-18 at 18:03
My favorite route was the one where the After Story didn't happen because of premature ejaculation...
Wait, I forgot to ask if doujins count as alternative routes...! -.-'
#9 by pendelhaven
2011-05-18 at 19:14
Tomoyo first, then Yukine second.

Yukine's "godlike" reply to the boy's mother (who cut classes intentionally to look for his sister) was very epic I wish I could watch it again in youtube or something
#10 by mattoak2010
2011-05-18 at 21:55
Kotomi without a doubt. She was the only one of the heroines that I really liked and her story was great.

Of the others, Yukine's route was a lot of fun if a bit short and of course the After Story was very emotional even if the first half of it was a bit boring (I found Nagisa far too wet and weak for my tastes).

To be honest, the heroines were the one weakness I found with Clannad. I just didn't like them (other than Kotomi and Yukine) and only enjoyed the routes once the melodrama started.
#11 by loctar87
2011-05-19 at 00:11
Favorites are A.S., Tomoyo, and Fuuko. I liked all of the routes except for Yukine and Kotomi.
#12 by hikigane
2011-05-19 at 01:01
Yukine and Sunohara.

In my opinion,
-Kyou's route laked ending
-Ryou is annoying
-Fuko's route was hard to take seriously.
-Nagisa was boring.
-AS had Nagisa.
-Tomoyo's route laked a decent climax.
-Kotomi's route laked something i'm not sure what.
-Dorm head route laked closure.
-Kapei's route had Ryou.
-Mei's route was shamelessly Sunohara's route with more Mei, and less Sunohara, tho you she still would wind up having a supporting role.

Did i miss somewone?Last modified on 2011-05-19 at 01:05
#13 by yimw
2011-05-19 at 01:23
It was never meant to be "Mei's" route. It's the Sunohara route both siblings are "Sunohara."

My favorite route was After Story if that counts as a route, otherwise Fuuko's.

I'm surprised to see so many people mentioning Yukine's route. I thought most people found it boring, even though I didn't.
#14 by hayate135
2011-05-19 at 01:32
AS, though AS is more of a culmination of several stories woven together to make a "route", so yeah not sure if that counts. If not, then it's either Fuuko or Kotomi. Oh, and Jet Saito is pro.

Yeah.. can't imagine myself referring to you by any other moniker. Anyways, with all those things you perceived as flaws, I'm surprised you haven't revoked your 10 vote.
#15 by hikigane
2011-05-19 at 01:57
They are reconized officially as two different routes, and as far as i know, a route should be dedicated to the character it's focused in.

Yeah, because all my effort to ditch that silly old nick can go down the drain.
You guys are assholes you know, lovely assholes, but still assholes nontheless.

Anyway, you got that right.
Those are things [underlined]I percieved as flaws[/underlined].
You see, I have this policy of mine to keep minor bitching from interfering with the score the game deserves.

I hated Nagisa. She made me cringe, but i have to admit she isn't a horrible character. A bit bland, a bit stupid, but still not a horrbile character.
I hated Ryou. She still makes me want to go gabezhul on small little kittens, but i have to admit she isn't a horrible character. She is terrible at best.
Some routes didn't appeal to me, but were good.
And so forth...Last modified on 2011-05-19 at 02:16
#16 by pharos
2011-05-19 at 05:20
Kyou. I thought her route was the most hilarious out of all the other heroines and I really liked her interactions with Tomoya. I actually dislike drama, but how her route played out really made me admire her personality. I also hated Ryou.

I personally liked all the other heroines' routes apart from Nagisa's normal route. I found it extremely dull and thought it went nowhere. I like Nagisa, but A.S. was really where she shined.
#17 by yimw
2011-05-19 at 06:31
They are reconized officially as two different routes
Based on what? There's only one light. I'm actually not even sure what you could be referring to as the second route, except the joke gay end.

Incidentally Ryou doesn't technically have a route either, she's just a bad end for Kyou's route, which is the creator's way of saying don't go out with just anyone.
#18 by stripy-witch
2011-05-19 at 20:57
My favourite... it was the Sunohara bad ending. ;o
#19 by exilius
2011-07-07 at 17:33
This is how I rank my favorite routes

After Story (If it's considered as a route) > Kotomi > Tomoyo > Yukine > Fuko > Sunohara > Misae > Koumaru > Ryou > Kyou > Kappei

Hm... Obviously I liked After Story because it's dramatic and it made me cry a lot. But Kotomi's route is also not bad. I liked how it has a completed ending, unlike some of the other routes such as Misae's.
Tomoyo's route is alright, at least they made up at the end. Yukine's route was short and simple, and I do like the character a lot because her attitude towards people. Fuko's effort and determination in her route deserves recognition, and that goes for Mei also. Misae's route does not have a definite end, but her story's completed in Tomoyo's route. So I guess that's fine. I disagree with people about Ryou's route. Ryou's route is not a bad end for Kyou's route because those 2 route are meant to be separated. And its just that in that route its going to be Ryou x Tomoya forever instead of Kyou. But I wonder if Ryou's going to grow to like Kappei after she got together with Tomoya because she did say she will work as a nurse, and chances are she might see Kappei there. But who knows, this is just my imagination. I hated Kyou's route, because in that route, Kyou rarely made any appearance at all, and most of the time it is Ryou that appears. And that goes for Kappei's route too. Just because I don't like Ryou.

While I am at it, My favorite characters are Kyou > Tomoyo > Fuuko / Kotomi > Yukine > Some other people > Ryou and Kappei

Reason I hate Ryou is simple : She took over most of Kyou's route, and even led Kyou to cut her hair at the end.

Kyou is such a good character in the game, she deserves a better route.
#20 by adhinferno
2011-07-08 at 04:02
Tomoyo is my favorite route~ :3 Altough no one in Clannad is my favorite heroine(s). Hehehehe~!Last modified on 2011-07-08 at 04:03
#21 by tthammy
2011-07-10 at 20:36
hmm kyou and tomoyo
#22 by mangoseller
2011-07-10 at 21:10
#23 by goga4ka
2011-07-29 at 11:50
I think Nagisa's route is awful!...Maybe without After Story her route was normal.
And "My Best" is Kyou and her route!Last modified on 2011-07-29 at 11:50
#24 by emmanuelvr
2011-08-07 at 09:18
Good god, just finished Kyou's route, it was terrible. So much needless melodrama. Tomoya is suddenly acting like a complete insecure faggot when he is pretty damn awesome in every other route I've played, Kyou loses pretty much all her charm once you properly enter the route, and Ryou is suddenly made the bad in the whole thing because, hey, they need to put the blame on someone. It was awfully written, almost Kimi no Iru Machi or Good Ending levels of terrible melodrama.
Fuck this, ending with Ryou is a 100% less melodrama and Tomoya acts like a goddamn man.

Reason I hate Ryou is simple : She took over most of Kyou's route, and even led Kyou to cut her hair at the end.
She didn't lead shit, Kyou did it because she was being a terrible drama queen. Both she and Tomoya. Ryou acted surprisingly naturally and Sunohara was the only damn MAN in the whole thing.

Glad it's finally over, goddamn. I hope no other route is this bad.

So far my favourite route is probably Kotomi, though Yukine and Sunohara/Mei were likeable routes, even if short.Last modified on 2011-08-07 at 09:20
#25 by engix
2011-08-07 at 09:35
Being serious my favorite character was Tomoya and Kyou , but for route it was
After Story tied the whole thing together at left me satisfied as hell


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