Favorite Route?

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#51 by tows
2019-01-20 at 05:51
I will be honest, if I were to choose the best route, I would probably go with Tomoyo's(that one even more so, actually) or Kotomi's, even though they both kinda lacked the impact. However, the only one that made me cry like a bitch is a Fuko's route, and it got me in its grip from beginning until the very end.

Was surprised about how terrible Kyou's route was, tbh. Drama is always welcomed, but not that of a soap opera. Also was pretty damn irritated by the fact, that they basically force you to date the most boring gal(Ryou, of course), just for you to hop on the love train with her superior twin-sister by basically cheating on her. I am not a exemplary of morals by any chance, but others may find such approach hideous. And what I am personally saying is that it'd be better if there was a more direct way to get on the route with such a direct girl, amirite? Love Kyou anyway, just not her route.

I liked After Story in general, but I really hate the fact that they just forced Nagisa on me. After Ryou, it's the least likable character, imo. If not for the side stories, including Ushio's, I'd probably wouldn't even bother completing it, being content with Fuko's happy ending. It was pretty obvious Nagisa is the "mainest' heroine of the novel, since she was introduced first in a very specific manner, so I guess I can't complain after noticing it so early, but still. And there's basically no other main heroine material except for, maybe, aforementioned Tomoyo(which actually has different title dedicated to her) and Kotomi. Others seemed to be more like comic relief characters, as sad as that may be.

Even despite my personal preferences being dissatisfied to some extent, that was a good ride. Maybe gonna watch an anime adaptation some time later.
#52 by aspple2
2019-09-25 at 07:59
If you like this game or even play this game but don't like After Story...Why? This game is pretty average without After Story.
#53 by sayanora
2020-01-14 at 20:50
Without Tomoyo and After Story Clannad would be painfully average.
#54 by whiic
2020-01-14 at 21:26
I tried reading this VN and finished a couple of routes, and I don't even remember which ones, since it failed to leave any imprinting on me.

I guess, if you have watched both seasons (24+24 eps) of KyoAni adaptation of this VN, this is just an uglier, non-animated version of the same. Rarely do VNs get proper adaptations with adequate episode count but this at least did.

KyoAni's adaptations of Key's VNs gave the illusion that Key makes great content, but reading through this felt like reading through MuvLuv Extra. I guess After Story might be the Alternative, but since it has also been adapted to anime, is this VN worth suffering though to get to VN version of After Story?


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