Stuck can't finish route.

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#1 by bobjr2000
2020-04-20 at 00:00
< report >Is there bug or glitch with this game? I can't seem to finish Marguerite route. I saved her route for last completing other 2 heroines on same save. I click portrait that brings to same scene of choose sex training or skip it which brings back to portrait selection. I can skip everything because I have seen all the sex scenes over and over but if I choose skip option I keep coming back to same selection rinse and repeat. I must have done this 30 times choosing each option but neither moves story forward.Last modified on 2020-04-20 at 00:01
#2 by draculax
2021-01-06 at 07:13
< report >Well afaik there is no walkthrough. However I did found a 100% save file.
I will just leave it here in case anyone needs it in future.
#3 by justaname
2021-07-11 at 14:42
< report >I just created a walktrough, see link


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