Yukiwari no Hana youtube translation(partial)

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#1 by protoman85
2020-04-28 at 19:38
< report >I've just discovered the YaruDora series, and am playing Yukiwari no Hana. As I also know japanese and
as a practice exercise I've translated about an hour of "gameplay".

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#2 by tomtheerogeman
2020-04-28 at 20:05
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A lot of console game translators are there, so if you ever decide you want to patch the actual iso then that place most likely has someone who can help you/show you how. And if you're doing the PS1 version make sure the disc swap works properly because emulators used to have problems with it many years ago and some obscure Japanese games still do. See t12758 for more about this.Last modified on 2020-04-28 at 20:10
#3 by Ileca
2020-04-28 at 20:42
< report >Good choice, man, I always wanted to read that series.
#4 by protoman85
2020-04-29 at 18:17
< report >I don't kno how to "reply" but thanks tomtheerogeman, I'll check it out. I have no idea how romhacking works but I would like to keep translating obscure stuff.
#5 by protoman85
2020-05-07 at 22:01
< report >Part 2 !

#6 by vninfohata
2020-05-13 at 14:47
< report >That's pretty cool :D
#7 by protoman85
2021-01-29 at 18:58
< report >link

So! I have now combined both parts into one "movie", this time recorded with a PVR instead a DVD recorder, so the picture and sound is better, and I also took the opportunity to improve my translation at the same time. I hope someone will enjoy it.


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