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#1 by erdewan
2020-04-29 at 19:12
< report >Hey guys. I am a fan of Initial's production since 2015. I wanted to know if anyone have any idea if this group was disbanded and maybe the reason of their disbandation... even though they announced their next work which was "Egoistic Hearts" and showed a promising op video But... they just disappeared... and I didn't see anything major on their website... so I would be thankful if anyone could Update me with their info.
Many Thanks in advance.Last modified on 2020-04-29 at 19:12
#2 by warfoki
2020-04-29 at 20:24
< report >Start-up VN companies quite often disappear like that unfortunately. The market is just too saturated, and if the games don't sell enough... well, shit happens. I dunno anything about this company is particular, I'm just saying that VN-producers making 1-2 titles and then going belly-up is very common.
#3 by kiru
2020-04-29 at 21:09
< report >In this case it's more them being doujin. That can end randomly. Maybe demanding jobs. Someone got a kid. Life.
#4 by shiny
2020-05-03 at 21:25
< report >I'm with you on this, Psychologic Love Comedy was a very good, very memorable game that left me wanting more.

Anyway, the writer is active on Twitter, but they mostly seem to be involved with writing for mobage. They mentioned that they "still intend to make (this game)" and to please wait patiently in a tweet back in April 2019, so make of that whatever you will. Would be nice if they're really still working on it behind the scenes.


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