should i keep plaing umineko?

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#1 by 15439
2020-05-10 at 23:56
< report >people say it's realy good but am eight and a half hours in and nothing realy intresting hapend yet, does the pacing get beter after beatrice shows up, if yes that would help my motivation to keep playngLast modified on 2020-05-11 at 00:08
#2 by eacil
2020-05-11 at 01:46
< report >No, the first chapter is devoid of any suspense and the writer doesn't know what an ellipsis is so you are for long hours describing every little boring detail the characters are doing in real time. If you survive, how chapter 2 starts will finish you off.
#3 by konekochan
2020-05-23 at 19:29
< report >Keep playing dude, don't be impatient. Trust me, it gets much more better. You're in for a lot of crazy and cool plot twists in the upcoming chapters
#4 by shinytentacool
2020-05-23 at 19:48
< report >That first chapter is pain. It does get better but I still ended up dropping it because it's very frustrating and complicated to read. It's fascinating, and the music is incredible. But it destroyed me. I got to the beginning of Chapter 4 I think and dropped it. There's just a lot to wrap your head around. It's not for someone who's impatient, that's for sure. And considering how long it is, it's a commitment
#5 by forever-here
2020-05-23 at 20:14
< report >yeah this is frustratingly long. if I were you just finish episode 1 and jump to the anime. because I did when I was mid episode 3 of the VN and it turned out to be much more helpful for me in solving this.
#6 by vario
2020-05-24 at 05:58
< report >Yeah, I wathced the anime (I didn't know about visual novels back then though) and then skipped the first four episodes. No regrets. Adaptation isn't perfect but it's fun enough if you just want to get some enjoyment out of this instead of suffering for 50 hours. People love to hate it because it apparentely makes it harder to solve the mystery but you need to be galaxy brain to solve it in the first place.
#7 by encrypted12345
2020-05-24 at 08:03
< report >The adaptation is incomplete though as it only covers the first 4 parts and ignores all of Chiru. But yeah, I like Umineko a lot but the first chapter doesn't do it any favors. I'm pretty sure I started getting invested by the second chapter when the meta stuff starts kicking in.

@6 I don't think the point of Umineko is to solve the mystery anyways, but that's a discussion for another time. It's been long enough that I don't feel comfortable discussing the themes of Umineko without rereading it first.
#8 by kiru
2020-05-24 at 08:22
< report >Ryukishi isn't very good with slice of life, but I felt like the first episode had good enough mystery in it. Guess not everyone is a fan of the good old treasure hunt.

I felt like the latter episodes were a lot worse when it comes to slice of life moments. So if the first episode is already a problem.. oh boy.
#9 by shukumeiteki1
2020-05-25 at 08:06
< report >I disagree completely, Ryuukishi is amazing with slice of life and basically everything else, he is a great writer overall, his big issue is pacing... he tends to go on and on when there is no need to do so, that and repetition, even when there is no need to repeat something he does it and with great detail this again impacts on the pacing too.
#10 by forever-here
2020-05-25 at 11:05
< report >
his big issue is pacing... he tends to go on and on when there is no need to do so, that and repetition, even when there is no need to repeat something he does it and with great detail this again impacts on the pacing too.

which is yeah, that is also called being bad.
#11 by encrypted12345
2020-05-25 at 18:40
< report >@10 I personally think that bad pacing is the least deterimental aspect of a flawed fictional work. Almost all long VNs and videogames suffer to this to some extent with Clannad being the biggest example of bad pacing IMO (It's bad enough for me personally to downgrade it from a 9 to a 7.5). I don't think Umineko's pacing issues are too bad once you get past the first chapter from what I remember, but I'm inherently a patient person.

If you want VNs with good pacing, I'd stick to the 10-30 or 2-10 length categories. I could nitpick the pacing of something like Yume no Kusuri or Saya no Uta, but that would be splitting hairs. A long VN that I'm currently reading that has surprisingly good pacing is Ef - a tale of the two, but that's because it's laid out like an anthology where the characters are all connected and the setting is in one place. Who the main characters are and the central conflict of the story shifts chapter by chapter.
#12 by gerardlonewolf
2020-05-25 at 20:14
< report >Well, I am reading Rose Gun Days and I have to agree that Ryukishi has pacing issues.
#13 by uselessguy
2021-02-22 at 00:22
< report >Just give long breaks when you don't feel like reading anymore.
It has pacing issues, but pausing here and there it isn't that bad.
(sorry for the necro)
#14 by ayame
2021-02-22 at 02:04
< report >The story is worth it. I actually almost dropped Umineko, because I got annoyed with some parts of it, and also thought it a little boring at times. But it's my favorite VN.


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