The end of Windows 7?

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#1 by mikiru
2020-05-16 at 06:28
From the launch of the trial version, you can understand that the new Eushully game (and most likely the following ones too) will be released without support for older Windows. Currently, the system requirements for the game are 8.1 and 10 Windows.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 06:28
#2 by shining17
2020-05-16 at 06:50
Simply use compatibility mode or set up a virtual machine.
#3 by mikiru
2020-05-16 at 07:00
Or you can just upgrade to Windows 10
#4 by shining17
2020-05-16 at 07:11
Win 10 is not that good for gaming, a lot of problem with running even slightly old games from early 2010 for example. The win solution for all is triple booting your PC with Win7, Win10 and maybe Linux for some people who prefer more freedom and privacy.
#5 by forever-here
2020-05-16 at 07:15
win10 build 1903 sucks really bad with gtx 1070. after one restart it will forever BSOD. not that it's any better in win7.

it sucks but I'm stuck with win8.1.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 12:50
#6 by messiahprinny
2020-05-16 at 07:23
Sounds like a graphics card issue rather than Windows issue. Have you tried a fresh driver install?Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 07:24
#7 by forever-here
2020-05-16 at 07:56
#6 I once downgraded to 1511 and it worked for the most part. but win10 still sucks. there are plenty programs that aren't working well with it. most notably warcraft 3.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 12:50
#8 by kiru
2020-05-16 at 08:05
@5: Why do you even think it's the gpu? Also, that's an old version.

@4: It's obviously always about luck there, but I've not had any issues yet. I also have the feeling, that most things that break, break for a good reason. (aka it's stuff that really shouldn't work, and only does because of former OS flaws)

edit: @6 Is that a pun regarding reforged? Because as far as I see, the original even had a patch for win10, including added widescreen support.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 08:08
#9 by forever-here
2020-05-16 at 09:02
#8 I dunno. the old version worked and it's not BSOD-ing. this was almost 1/2 a year ago so I probably can't replicate the same thing now. and please don't mention the trash that is reforged here.
#10 by warfoki
2020-05-16 at 10:06
Officially not supported doesn't necessarily mean it won't run it. I switched to Win 7 from XP some 2 or 3 years after the support for XP ended and still a good chunk of the games coming out in this time period ran on XP just fine, despite the game not officially supporting it.

Personally I'm still on Windows 7 and as long as browsers and my antivirus system is willing to work with Win 7, I'll stay on it. Windows 10 with its forced updates and weird start menu can go eat dirt.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 10:06
#11 by kiru
2020-05-16 at 10:12
^Forced updates aren't necessarily bad, so you actually do update and stay protected.
You can delay it though. The major updates for up to a year, the minor security updates up to a week I think. That's more than enough to make sure the update works. It's "only" a year, because support for that major version ends then.

At least this is structured and you can easily choose how you want to do things. Win7 was a lot more random with the way it updated and needs to update. I mean, if you REALLY want to stop updates permanently, I'm sure there's a way with win10 as well. It's not a very smart thing to do in most cases, but yeah.
#12 by warfoki
2020-05-16 at 10:31
I stopped Win 7 updates a bit ago, because it kept trying to install the same updates, failing to install them, then throwing me security warnings about needing to install the updates that it couldn't install. After a while I just got fed up and turned off autoupdates completely and made manual check for updates once a month or so. That and I often leave my PC for extended periods of time while it does something. Having whatever I left it to do being left incomplete because the system decided to auto-update and restart was infuriating to put it mildly.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 10:31
#13 by soulless-one
2020-05-16 at 10:41
auto-update and restart was infuriating to put it mildly
Oh, I can relate to that... Random data loss is not a feature!
I configured all my systems (including win10 enterprise) so that won't happen again.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 10:43
#14 by shining17
2020-05-16 at 10:50
That's why I dislike Win10.
#15 by soulless-one
2020-05-16 at 10:57
IIRC win7 is no different, default setting = random data loss
#16 by kiru
2020-05-16 at 11:00
@12: Unless you set it up like that, windows will never automatically restart.

The OS standard settings probably aren't for you because they target the masses, that would never fiddle with settings and don't know much about pcs. I've had enough moments, where I was not happy about what win10 does automatically, but in all honesty: It makes sense for most people.
One of the easiest examples is how program files is protected since forever by now. Why? Because it protects the less knowledgeable pc users, and protects from incompetent programmers. If you know what you are doing, monitor programs at all times, test them in a sandbox and whatnot, there's no need for such a thing.

Sometimes getting too stuck in a rut can blind you. The first weeks of win10 are heavily about getting used to it, and setting it up to do stuff like you want to. It's like getting a new washing machine or whatever. It's not necessarily worse than your old one, just because it works a bit differently. Back when win7 came out, people also weren't very happy and wanted to stick with XP. It's a normal thing with a so widely used and successful OS.
Make sure the problem isn't in front of the screen.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 11:01
#17 by ecchihieronymus
2020-05-16 at 11:16
I second #16's sentiment. You'll have to update to Win10 at some point so why not take the time that you have right now to make yourself comfortable. Programs like Shut Up 10 are pretty helpful. The only downside would be that you'll have to install a VM for select titles like the Motion version of Iyashinbo ~Sekai de Ichiban Suki na Hito~. A bit of registry tinkering and manual deletion of files here and there and you're good to go.
#18 by warfoki
2020-05-16 at 11:58
Back when win7 came out, people also weren't very happy and wanted to stick with XP.

Yep, that was me at the time. I only switched to Win 7 once all of the browsers stopped working with it properly, which was, again, years after Microsoft's official support ended. By the time I switched to Win 7, Win 8 was already out.

Aside of sheer laziness (reinstalling everything, ESPECIALLY my fine tuned Skyrim with all the hundreds of mods on it, would take fucking forever), the main issue i have with the auto updates is that I've heard many, MANY horror stories of it breaking shit like drivers, compatibility and so on. Considering the amount of older stuff I'm using, half of it suddenly not working because I was forced to update with no way to undo it sounds like a damn nightmare.

I know I'll eventually have to update, because everything will stop supporting Win 7, just as it happened with the XP. But considering that the XP was supported by 3rd party companies like Google, Valve with Steam and Firefox for several years after Microsoft's official support had ended, I expect the same here, which means I can put off the switch for years to come. Which I will for as long as I possibly can. I know the Win 7, I know what's where, know how to fix common issues and so on. I don't want to get used to all the new shit, most of which I neither need nor want, as long as i possibly can.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 11:59
#19 by soulless-one
2020-05-16 at 12:13
The more we delay the switch, the more stable/compatible/etc. win10 becomes by that time.
#20 by forever-here
2020-05-16 at 12:47
I'm probably one of the nightmares that #18 is describing as I said in my #5. and the only reason I once went from 7 to 10 was because it doesn't support ryzen 7. and I was getting BSODs at the time so I figured I should switch. and this was my all too important server machine. how many days it took for me just to figure out that 1903 is fucking my gtx1070 despite the so many installs and reformats? I had to close for days just for this. all because of this "unsupported hardware" that win7 is telling me. and even then win8.1 isn't supporting ryzen7 but at least I'm getting almost zero BSODs compared to win7.

still I'm probably gonna migrate to win10 once they've finally fixed all these nightmares.

edits: fixed the builds.Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 12:51
#21 by warfoki
2020-05-16 at 15:22
On my end the Dell laptop I bought... 3-4 years ago didn't support Windows 7. Like, I put the installation USB in and the thing refused to run it. The official shop was only willing to put Windows 10 on it, so I had an IT guy I know fix that: he removed the hard drive, plug it into his computer, installed Win 7 on it, then put it back into the laptop. Voila, it worked. Of course this would void my warranty, but thankfully the official repair shop didn't much care how I got Win 7 on it when I brought it in for the yearly checkup and I wasn't much keen on telling them that I broke the ToS of the warranty, so said warranty remained.
#22 by lucumo
2020-05-16 at 20:06
@17: No one "has" to update to Windows 10. People can just switch to Linux instead. I know I certainly won't switch to the piece of garbage that is known as Windows 10.
#23 by desann
2020-05-16 at 20:34
@10: I tried to run demo on Win7 and unfortunately indeed it fails with "The procedure entry point MFCreateDXGIDeviceManager could not be located in the dynamic link library MFPlat.DLL" error. This function added started from link
Simply adding dlls with missing functions in folder didn't worked for me. Perhaps it's possible to hack the game so it will think that you have that function, like it was done for Paradox games and XP - link , but my C++ level not high enough for that.
#24 by warfoki
2020-05-16 at 21:17
@22 That's lovely, but since I'm mostly using this laptop for gaming, Linux would be a downgrade, since I would need to use significant resources on emulating Windows, which may or may not work for every game I want to play. So, not really an option.
#25 by desann
2020-05-16 at 21:53
Actually someone already hacked dlls on 4chan - link
I can confirm it works on Win7
I'll copypaste it here since who know for how long thread will stay there:
Has anyone fixed Conquista for Win7 yet? If not, here's a real ghetto hack that will make the game run under Win7 (and probably Win8 because one of the required DLLs only appeared in 8.1). Extract into the game's folder. XInput1_4.dll is actually 1_3 as it is from Win7, MFPlat is a dummy that "has" the procedures the game wants to import and the 3rd DLL (also a dummy) is taken from 8.1 as is.


Now to the ugly part.
With these DLLs the game will crash on 1st startup. On the 2nd run you'll be prompted to change game options, do so and check "Disable fullscreen" and "Allow window resize" checkboxes in the 1st tab (bottom right and 3rd from the bottom). From then on the game will start with like 10x10 window size, so resize it manually. Also, it will complain from time to time and ask if you want to keep playing. You do, so either press space or click Yes every time. Sorry about that, but I'm sure that someone will come with a proper fix so I'll wait and see if it shows up a week or two after the release date before working on this any further.
Last modified on 2020-05-16 at 21:54