The end of Windows 7?

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#26 by mikiru
2020-05-17 at 06:29
I also confirm the launch of the trial on Windows 7 with this solution. Everything is fine in general, but the constant pop-up notifications are annoying. I hope in the full version, someone can come up with an even better solution to this problem

@25: Thanks for this info
#27 by desann
2020-05-19 at 18:37
Some additions from 4chan:
Here's an extra fix to keep the number of prompts to a comfortable minimum:

AGE.EXE @ 0x707F : E9 CC 8F 09 -> B0 01 C2 10

The DLLs will likely work with the release version (and the updates) as is, proper window size shouldn't be a problem either, but getting the videos to play in Win7 won't be so easy.

Win8's DXGI 1.2 comes with DXGI Device Manager interface which does not exist in Win7's DXGI 1.1

None of MF*DXGI* functions seen in the article above exist in Windows 7, so one would have to rewrite the game's video rendering according to DXGI 1.1 capabilities or backport DXGI 1.2 to Windows 7.

Window size fix, no more need to resize the game window manually.

AGE.EXE @ 0x31614 : 49 -> 45
AGE.EXE @ 0xE227B : 49 -> 45

Or just search in a hex editor for 0F 49 75 FC and replace 49 with 45 in both locations.

I didn't expect the DLLs to be reposted elsewhere but they were, people started complaining (naturally), so here it goes.


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