Is this 2236 AD prequel available anywhere?

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#1 by lord-thantus
2020-05-18 at 16:12
I played the demo for the main game, and I'm probably gonna start playing it for real relatively soon, but I wanted to know if this prequel was available anywhere in any capacity. I can't even read Japanese, I just would like to see if it exists and what kind of content it covers. Maybe it fleshes out the world a bit since the main game kinda just throws you in unexpectedly. Maybe it's just a gag reel. Who knows. Not me, for sure, and I'm curious.Last modified on 2020-05-18 at 16:12
#2 by shiny
2020-05-19 at 10:03
It's a free download.
#3 by erohatasensei
2020-05-21 at 20:41
I talked to the developer and he considers making it available on Steam one day.

TL: Me: Come to think of it, do you have plans to publish the prequel to 2048 AD to Steam eventually? (My memory is bad so I accidently called it 2048 AD)

Mokine: (Seireki) 2236 No Hisho, you mean?

Me: Yes, that one.

Mokine: Wait, that one is on vndb? (laughs), Actually, let me think about this a bit.

Me: If a VN exists it will (sooner or later) appear on the vndb.

Mokine: I'm going to try and ask Sekai Project about this.

Me: Ah nice, really?

Guess, we might see the prequel soon. The dev is aware of demand.Last modified on 2020-05-21 at 20:43


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