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#1 by notshige
2020-05-18 at 16:42
I'm already at the part of the game where Miyuki traps me at Haru's room, however I have no idea how to advance from here. I have already discovered God's number and Aoi after exiting the game from the schools rooftop, but I have no idea how to help her. Miyuki's address book is also now fingerprint locked. There's the "Unlock via security questions" option but the MC doesn't answer it.

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#2 by taiketsu
2020-05-18 at 21:50

U will have to get on miyukis good side by giving her the answers she wants while u collect infos for the 10 questions later or u piss miyuki off by giving every answer she dislikes.
Down the road u will the option to cook for dinner after u saw certain sex scenes which will allow u to unlock the phone book.
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#3 by notshige
2020-05-19 at 09:13
Thank you very much! I've just finished the game and boy was that a wild ride! I DID try to piss Miyuki off but it just seemed to loop, so I just raised her affection points and that made me advance.

Once again thank you very much for the reply.
#4 by taiketsu
2020-05-19 at 10:16
Well getting on her good side is easier than pissing her off.
If u piss her off enough u get Aoi catgirl, Miyuki possing as Aoi and another? sex scene.
Also down the road she will kill u 3? times which makes u restart the game each time until she comes with a baseball bat into the bathroom breaking the door, holy was that scary x.x
#5 by notshige
2020-05-19 at 10:47
Huh. I did get the Aoi catgirl scene and Miyuki turning into Aoi and having sex with her but I didn't encounter that last bit. Looks like I have an excuse to continue discovering more in this game after all. :DLast modified on 2020-05-19 at 10:50


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