Lute lineage

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#1 by lumes
2020-05-20 at 23:50
Is Lute infertile?
#2 by altonan
2020-05-21 at 02:41
No. At the end of one route he ends up knocking up all of his wives. The DLC for Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 (which was only released in Japan for a limited time) expands on this. Estoria also ends up pregnant in another DLC. Though granted the canonicalness of the DLC is debatable. In fact, I believe Kyonyuu Majo is about his descendants.

As per the laws of eroge, pregnancy only ever occurs when it’s most convenient for the story.Last modified on 2020-05-21 at 05:03
#3 by zakashi
2020-05-21 at 03:21
If I remember right, demons can't have children with humans, and his only wife who isn't a human at the beginning of Gaiden 2 is Shamsiel, so we can assume that SHE is infertile, probably, or that succubi can control their fertile period somehow, or that she is on pills.

Serebria says hallowed demons are the only ones who can impregnate her, and Lute is one hallowed demon, so we can expect a child from them in the next games.


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