Online translator in VNR not working?

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#1 by ppp
2020-05-23 at 21:46
has vnr's online translator stopped working for anyone else? not sure what is going on, if anybody has a fix please tell me.
#2 by sakurakoi
2020-05-25 at 14:21
Well, what I did notice recently is that VNR stops working after some time whereas Textractor does keep working. For since I used and was used to VNR before, I recommend Textractor now since it also works for more games. Having to select the threads manually every time and less dynamic line display (i.e lines after the 4th are not shown when the window is small, bad for lists) are inconvenient but alas better than nothing and VNR also has its demerits anyway even if it looks neater.

Cause may be by the by that google blocks too many TL requests so changing the online dictionary might work.
#3 by ppp
2020-05-28 at 15:39
yes, it seems to work if you're using vpn but i guess u would have to change server constantly. I have textractor as well but im using ithvnr with translation aggregator, with the always on top option on, it works similar to vnr i guess.Last modified on 2020-05-28 at 15:39


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