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Best Girl? (Original Game Only)

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#1 by nightlite
2020-05-25 at 22:39
< report >Only played the original game so far, who do you guys have as best girl?
Also, which route do you have as best route?

I liked Wanko and Chris, but Chris slightly more even though I didn't like her route as much.
I really liked Wanko's route because I think she gets some really good character development, but I think I liked Momoyo's route most just because of the Kawakami War
#2 by gerardlonewolf
2020-05-26 at 10:38
< report >Not much love for Momoyo comparing to other girls.
Me so sad.
#3 by micoplayer1
2020-05-26 at 13:26
< report >Momoyo. It's been ages since I played this game, but I remember Momoyo the most.
#4 by green
2020-05-26 at 16:58
< report >Kazuko for me, I remember her route the most. My second favorite is Kokoro, there was just something really cute about her route.
#5 by alexdft
2020-05-26 at 17:06
< report >Momoyo=Kazuko>others.
Chris and Yukie are more like comedy characters than anything else, and Miyako's love is way too heavy (and sometimes annoying) in my opinion. Kazuko is simple and immature, but she gets great development in her route, while Momoyo is kinda just good enough as she is. Yamato gets by far the best development in her route, which is a nice plus.Last modified on 2020-05-26 at 17:21
#6 by behappyeveryday
2020-05-27 at 05:08
< report >I voted for Chris, because many years after completing the game, her story is the only one that is memorable enough and her interactions with MC in the common route were the most interesting as well. After her, would be Miyako - she is the only one with a proper backstory, and her love for MC is the strongest. I'm really not sure how Momoyo got so many votes, I guess many guys are submissive or something.
#7 by ducky32
2023-03-20 at 03:08
< report >Mayucchi obviously
#8 by anonymous
2023-03-20 at 11:58
< report >#1 I think Wanko has surprise factor boosting her likability. You don't expect how interesting her route gets, based on the initial comic relief. Best main heroine.

I'd vote for Margit based on personal preference and Koyuki based on (un)attainability.
#9 by Deivera16
2023-03-24 at 08:28
< report >What do you mean by unattainable @Soladir?
#10 by anonymous
2023-03-24 at 11:56
< report >#9 Two things. One, you don't really discover much about her. That boosts interest when combined with two: She is a quirky character and has an uncommon appearance (within the title). It's basically wanting what you can't have.
#11 by sakata-sann
2023-03-24 at 16:38
< report >I voted for Mayucchi but I was hesitant between her and Wanko, Wanko's route was the best, I remember being reluctant to play her route but ohh what a nice surprise! But well, Mayucchi is love.
#12 by htc89234
2023-03-25 at 12:13
< report >Honestly I'm in the "Anyone but Miyako" group, but Wanko's and Chris' routes felt like the most memorable in the game; Momoyo feels like the "best fit" for Yamato though (especially with how much he progresses as a character in her route)
#13 by dostedt
2023-03-28 at 08:12
< report >It's been a while since I read it, but Miyako all the way, and easily so. As for best route, I honestly can't remember. I wasn't a huge fan of the VN, so not many things stood out to me.


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