Favorite heroine?

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#1 by duhu1148
2020-05-26 at 21:55
< report >We don't actually have one on here yet, so why not? I liked Valerie the most myself. We don't get enough sultry heroines.
#2 by dreamend
2020-08-14 at 04:53
< report >If i would to rank them, i would say

1. Valerie: Really came close with Kaori for the number 1 spot, though i still voted her since she's pretty unique when compared to the rest. Her storyline aint as interesting as the rest, but she got such a great chemistry with the MC. I noticed that the dev took alot of reference from Persona 4 with the MC being the Chad guy with a bit of siscon tendencies just like Narukami. Theres just something about one upping your assertive engineer. The feisty French blondie took the number 1 spot to me

2. Kaori: You cant go wrong with tsundere. Very good chemistry with the MC, and her story are quite interesting

3. Yuuna: The polite and friendly girl. Among the other girls shes the most generic ones. Though her storyline is very interesting

4. Mayu: The shy and quiet smart girl. Has the least chemistry with the protagonist because she's started off as the childhood friend of your bestie, and you dont steal a bro girl. And her storyline is aint as good as Yuuna's.Last modified on 2020-08-14 at 04:53


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