Has Saga Planets not seceded from Visual Arts?

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#1 by cklodar
2020-05-28 at 03:02
< report >While the evidence isn't clear cut, there are several things that point to a secession of Saga Planets from Visual Arts:

1. That interview with Baba Takahiro that was linked in p378.5. In it, Baba clearly stated that Saga Planets had seceded (or was in the process of seceding) from being a partner brand of VA ("人気のサガプラはパートナー離脱"). I'm not sure why you mentioned TGL/Entergram in p378.7, but the Baba interview had nothing to do with Entergram; also, Saga Planets certainly hasn't ended partnership with Entergram, as they continued to release console versions of Kin'iro Loveriche in March 2020 through Entergram.

(A few more words on the "partner brand" thing: while VA's product page continues to list Saga Planets as a partner brand, given Baba's interview I tend to believe that they simply haven't updated the page yet.)

2. Saga Planets used to use VA's web shop, VA Koubaibu+, to sell merchandise as well as new VNs. (In fact, one of the very first things to be listed on VA Koubaibu+ since its inception was the pre-order page for Karumaruka * Circle (v12476).) Saga Planets last used VA Koubaibu+ in October 2018; since then, they have opened their own official web shop (hosted by Ec-Russell), and it was immediately put to use for the pre-order of Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time-.

3. Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time- also brought another surprise with it: for the first time, Saga Planets switched away from VA's proprietary engine (RealLive, later Siglus Engine) and started using KiriKiri instead. This will most likely continue with their latest title as well.

4. On Saga Planet's Contact Page, they mention that all copyright-related inquiries regarding their titles since Floral Flowlove can be done using their own contact form, while inquiries regarding Hanasaki Work Spring! or earlier titles should be directed to VA.

As I said, the evidence isn't completely clear cut, as VA continues to list Saga Planets as a partner brand on their product page, and most wikis continue to say so as well (such as this). But if I examine the edit history of the wikis, it seems to me that nobody removed Saga Planets from VA's brand list simply because they wanted a more official source than the interview. Overall, I tend to think that the evidence suggests that Saga Planets have, at least de facto, separated from VA already, and that p378.5 and p378.6 were valid edits. I would love to hear what other people think about this issue, though.Last modified on 2020-05-28 at 03:28
#2 by cklodar
2020-05-28 at 06:53
< report >Oh well - now that I read the Contact Page again, I realized that, in addition to directing those who want to inquire about copyright-related matters for Hanasaki Work Spring! or earlier titles to contact VA, they also ask anyone wanting to cover them in the news ("取材全般"), regardless of what title is to be covered, to do the same. So perhaps this does indicate that they are still a subsidiary of VA, but independent from the latter in more ways than before? I wish they released more official statements about the split between the two...Last modified on 2020-05-28 at 06:57


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