[Poll]Best Yuzusoft VN yet?

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#1 by kurashinaasuka
2020-06-04 at 18:13
I have only played a couple of Yuzusoft VNs as most are not translated to English. If I had to choose the 2 best VNs from my limited choices, I would have to go with (ranked in order)
1. Senren * Banka
2. Sanoba WitchLast modified on 2020-06-04 at 18:13
#2 by omikron
2020-06-04 at 19:41

As far as I know only Senren*Banka and Sanoba Witch are officially translated, am I right?
NekoNyan are currently working on Dracu-Riot! and Riddle Joker.
While I do hope that at one point all of Yuzusoft's VNs will be brought to us in English, I do not know of any more than those four.
Please correct me, if there are more I do not know about.

Back to topic. As of wirting this post I only have read Sanoba Witch. Senren is in my Steam library and I can't await the release of the other two NekoNyan projects.
Therefore, I cannot vote on this poll as of now. But I will once I have read at least 3 VNs by Yuzusoft.Last modified on 2020-06-04 at 19:42
#3 by kurashinaasuka
2020-06-04 at 19:53
As of right now, Sanoba Witch and Senren Banka are indeed the only officially translated. Although I feel bad about playing Noble Works and Dracu Riots' fan translation, I purchased 2 more Senren Banka games and gifted it to my friends to make up for it.

Definitely hit me up and tell me what you think of Senren Banka after playing it :D
#4 by taiketsu
2020-06-04 at 19:53
I read 4 titles so far and i had Dracu-Riot as best in my mind followd by Sanoba Witch which is slightly higher for me than Senren Banka. Overall Yuzusoft titles often have a nice common route but the heroine route drop in quality sometimes.
But i can say that i enjoyed each title a lot so if i had to say Yuzusoft titles are mostly safe choices for enjoyment.
#5 by kurashinaasuka
2020-06-04 at 19:56
# 4 Oh man, that is kinda freaky :O I was just literally reading your comment in Senren Banka discussions
#6 by omikron
2020-06-04 at 20:05
#2 I will comment here as soon as I finish Senren. It will take some time though... It not very high on my "Have to read" list, 'cause I want to wait for Dracu to release so that I always have a Yuzusoft VN in my repertoire to look foward to. I know, kinda silly.. :D

#4 I really enjoyed Sanoba Witch from Start to end. It's a 10 for me. I hope that I am able to disagree with you on future VNs I'll be reading as it is a personal matter. ;-P
#7 by harag
2020-06-04 at 20:16
I've read Noble Works, Dracu-Riot!, Sonoba Witch and Senren Banka.

Out of these the clear order for me (from best to worst) would be DR->SW->SB->NW.

However, considering that it's not even half of the available options I'm not comfortable with actually voting.
#8 by omikron
2020-06-04 at 20:21
#7 I totally get where you're coming from! ;-)
#9 by diesiure
2020-06-04 at 23:03
I might choose Natsukana which is a bit different from other VNs in my opinion. Is it the only Yuzusoft VN with "Nakige" tag? The atomsphere can to some extend be described as sad. What impressed me most in Natsukana is the BGM.


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