Worst Girl

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#1 by nash21
2020-06-09 at 04:24
< report >I would love to hear your reasons !
#2 by omikron
2020-06-09 at 07:34
< report >Is there a reason why Kotori is not an option?
Don't get me wrong, she is my most favourite heroine. Just wondering...

I had to choose between Hibari and Yoru. I didn't like Yoru that much, even less than the over-protective Hibari. The character's personality threw me off.
#3 by adamstan
2020-06-09 at 07:41
< report >If I really had to choose, then, among the heroines, I probably also liked Yoru the least. But not to the point of outright disliking her. So I'd rather not vote in this poll.

And Kotori is not an option, because obviously she's the best girl :D
#4 by omikron
2020-06-09 at 07:42
< report >Well spoken! :D
#5 by nash21
2020-06-14 at 01:30
< report >(~_~) Kotori best grill baited lol
#6 by mutsuki
2020-06-14 at 02:06
< report >The worst route was Yoru's if that counts. I'd have rated a Yoru route better than an Asa route if it wasn't shimaidon
#7 by hueson
2021-04-28 at 17:09
< report >For me its Ageha, cuz she goes missing for the most part of her route, so I just couldn't really "connect" with her (I ended up cheering more for Hotaru than Ageha lol)


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