The best eroge / visual novel of my themes?

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#1 by salcox
2020-06-09 at 08:07
< report >Hello, sorry for the title which does not say everything but I would like to have the opinion of the players here. I'm looking for a visual novel or an eroge, kyonyuu type (girl with big breasts, between cup H and more), with a lot of choice, interesting gameplay and full of endings (between 3 and 7, or more).

I did not want to create this thread of discussion but the research on this site is quite limited on a single subject ...
But I especially ask the opinion of those who have more or less playing games like that and who does not hesitate to give me the names so that I can play.
Thanks for your lists.Last modified on 2020-06-09 at 08:08
#2 by encrypted12345
2020-06-09 at 08:19
< report >Ah, don't worry about it. This userbase doesn't generally mind threads about very specific recommendations.

Gameplay wise and number of endings wise, Sengoku Rance is somewhat close to your preferences though the average breast size isn't very large. Same sort of goes for Venus Blood Frontier.

If you're fine without gameplay, there's the Funbag (Kyonyuu) Fantasy series which focuses on kyonyuu girls and has a number of endings in each title. There's also Ultimate Boobs War, though I think that's less good.
#3 by salcox
2020-06-09 at 09:00
< report >Thank you, I already know these games or their series.
Afterwards, it doesn't matter for interesting gameplay. I'm mainly looking for a story where everyone will decide on my choices.
I am mainly looking for Japanese games for girls with an H cup or more, with a huge choice and several endings, whatever the game, its qualities, etc.


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