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#1 by silvercover
2020-06-18 at 09:11
< report >kinda surprised no one made this for hapymaher when chrono clock had one.

anyways mine is maia, obviously best girl and should have gotten a better or longer end at least(I know there's a sequel/fandisk that might remedy this, but don't spoil if there is).

if I were to rank them:
maia > keiko > saki > yayoi > alice

also honestly the VN tried to sell it that alice and tohru had the best chemistry but didn't really feel that way unless your in her route, but that's like the same too for the other routes where you'd feel like tohru had chemistry with the girl when your already there. chrono clock or hell a lot of other VNs I feel do a better job in making their main heroine feel like they have a strong chemistry with the protagonist before you lock into a route.
#2 by zakashi
2020-06-18 at 09:35
< report >Yayoi.
#3 by kiru
2020-06-18 at 18:31
< report >As far as I remember, the thing with Alice was literally the point. So you are kinda complaining about something very intentional and important for the story.
#4 by clorust
2020-06-18 at 23:15
< report >I wasn't particularly fond of any of them, which is unusual for me as far as VNs are concerned. Probably Alice or Keiko but they all had this visibly snarky atmosphere about them that persisted for the entire read.
#5 by silvercover
2020-06-19 at 02:44
< report >#3 thing is that ive seen a lot of other VNs that do it better in having the main heroine seem like the protag is more focused on them than the others, in this one though besides just characters talking about how she's "his type" it didn't really seem like he had that big of interest/concern about her compared to the other heroines during the common route.
#6 by encrypted12345
2020-06-19 at 03:25
< report >Maia is undoubtedly best girl. It's not really a contest. I thought the other heroines were fine enough. I do agree that Alice didn't have as much chemistry with the protagonist as she could have had, but I remember liking her more than Yayoi or Keiko by her own merits. Saki is probably second best girl for me.Last modified on 2020-06-19 at 03:26
#7 by tirpitz
2020-08-11 at 23:19
< report >I love Maia. She is my favorite character. She is very kind and intelligent.
#8 by silvercover
2020-08-29 at 22:15
< report >wew, I cant believe keiko's only 1 vote compared everyone else.
#9 by Mrkew
2020-08-30 at 06:12
< report >That's my vote and I'm proud of that vote.
#10 by playcool92
2022-11-20 at 22:38
< report >Alice was by far the worst heroine, soo annoying, and her design was the worst.
Keiko is the best heroine, most cute romance and scenes, and Maia stole the show whenever she was around, the other girls needed more work.

Saki has some good scenes but then she falls into a preditable patterns that most times makes her annoying and needy, and I loved the sister from Chronoclock, way better.
Yayoi started strong but then lost most of the appeal, she needed to be more spicy and have better chemistry with the MC, but the reveal for her route at the end was good.
Keiko's personality was my favorite, I got me surprised since I usually dont swing that way but her execution, VA and dialogue were just tops (besides having HOT sex scenes).
#11 by silvercover
2022-11-21 at 14:58
< report >oh how tables have turned since 2 years passed now. keiko's now #2 spot just behind maia when back then as I posted at #8 she had like 1 vote.


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