Any good VN set in China?

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#1 by clousephinat
2020-06-20 at 18:04
So recently I discovered the existence of this VN called Kou Ki, which is exactly the kind of VN I'm looking for and I would really like to read one that is similar to that one since there are not a lot of VNs as far as I know that are set in China, if possible if it's translated the better. I know I'm probably in the minority that likes Chinese culture better than Japanese but yeah.

With that said, do not recommend me things like Koihime Musou, if it has +18 content that's fine but it must be something good, I've no interest in those kinds of shitty novels.
#2 by tahu157
2020-06-20 at 18:21
Rainy Port Keelung is set in Taiwan right after the end of WWII. The Japanese army has left and China is slowly starting to occupy the island themselves. It's originally a Chinese VN with a Japanese translation and an English one supposedly in the works. No idea how good the translation is or even if the VN is any good but it's been on my radar for a long time.
#3 by clousephinat
2020-06-20 at 18:29
#2 Nice thanks, seems it could be good. I'll wait until gets an english translation for now though.
#4 by ecchihieronymus
2020-06-20 at 18:35
Past China

Modern Day China

Future China
#5 by kratoscar2008
2020-06-20 at 20:50
Gaokao is a good chinese dating sim with lots of endings and a decent crew.
Lucy the Eternity she wished for is good too.
#6 by shining17
2020-06-20 at 20:52
Lucy is Korean though.
#7 by amittesukku
2020-06-20 at 21:17
How about Shan Gui? It's super short, but I found it sweet enough.
#8 by kratoscar2008
2020-06-20 at 21:46
Oh is it? Well my bad lol.


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