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#1 by lnn8v6
2020-06-24 at 22:51
Someone would be kind enough to explain to me what exactly is the criteria here for having an entry on this database? There are some games that have much more gameplay than just visual novel sprite on background and reading textboxes. I'm thinking games like zero escape (3112) or corpse party 2 (11906) or danganronpa (7014) which are mostly dialogue but are fancy 3D games. Its also got most of charons rpg maker games like yanderella (16230) and mikoto nikki (19470) but doesnt have cradle of ruin and red riding hood DS which are other rpgmaker games by charon. This is confusing me alot so I wanted to ask about what counts on this site and what doesnt. Thanks.Last modified on 2020-06-24 at 23:30
#2 by rampaa
2020-06-24 at 22:57
d2#1, d15
#3 by lnn8v6
2020-06-24 at 23:20
thanks, but it doesnt seem to answer the charon stuff.
#4 by eacil
2020-06-25 at 00:44
It's not because a game by a developer matches vndb's rules that this dev's other games fit too. Inclusion is on a per game basis. In fact, if you claim that a game that doesn't match rules should be added because another game is the same, you are just giving a good reason for a moderator to remove the other game.

Assuming that your two games fit vndb's rules, you appear to be under the wrong impression that they were reviewed and ditched somehow... by moderators maybe, and that this effort is systematic and methodical. No, vndb is a community effort. Everybody can contribute, starting with you. Meaning that if your two games are missing, it might be because nobody noticed, or those who noticed had no will to contribute. You noticed, and if they fit vndb's rules, nothing stops you from adding them. The important point is to not compare the games you want to add to the db to games already in the db as they were added by users and they might have been wrong about it. What matters are the rules in d2#1.

Any db where everyone can contribute, with a a posteriori moderation, is bounded to have some share of inconsistency in it.

Edit: when you add a VN to the db, it starts by checking if the game wasn't already added or deleted. If it was deleted, you can see what the reason was. You can check if VN were denied or if they are truly missing like that.
The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood was deleted by Beliar for not fitting the rules.
Edit 2: Horobi no Yurikago was also deleted for not fitting the rules. As you can see, you have to use the original title to find them as I couldn't find anything with "cradle of ruin".Last modified on 2020-06-25 at 02:10
#5 by lnn8v6
2020-06-25 at 01:06
ok, well i dont want to get too technical because thats way to much effort. If i add anything it will probably be basic renpy games that definitely count as visual novels. thanks for digging up the entries for me!Last modified on 2020-06-25 at 01:07
#6 by silvercover
2020-06-25 at 02:38
id also like to bring up how come Fate/Grand Order doesn't have an entry, while there's an entry for other gacha games for VNs like Taimanin Asagi Kessen Arena?
#7 by forever-here
2020-06-25 at 03:55
if its marketed as a gacha then its not a VN? even though the format is 95% the same?
#8 by shinytentacool
2020-06-29 at 02:44
I coulda sworn there was an entry for FGO. Maybe I imagined it
#9 by fuukanou
2020-06-29 at 03:42
#8, there was, it got deleted. you can still see it in the votes of people who voted before it was deleted
#10 by shining17
2020-06-29 at 05:13
Fate/Grand Order


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