NTR ruin the entire story.

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#1 by ardipahlawan88
2020-06-28 at 11:42
< report >that's it

almost NTR story always made antagonist in lucky, physical strong, control the world

and made protagonist cannot do anything .
#2 by chaoran177
2020-10-31 at 23:05
< report >Sadly the traditional NTR VN doesn't have a strong storyline since they are all nukige for people who have an NTR fetish, and what you said is exactly what those people want.

However, there are some new NTR concepts that were working quite well, such as Suki Datta Toshishita Osananajimi ga Dare to Demo Neteiru Ken, Koibito Swapping ~Shin'yuu no Koibito o Ore wa Daki, Ore no Koibito wa Shin'yuu ni Dakareru~, Ore no Kanojo wa Taninbou ga Ki ni Naru You Desu. ~Karakai Jouzu na Hentai Kanojo to no Seishun Swapping wa, Ore no Kakure Seiheki o Kaikashi Hidaika Sasemashita~, and Gyaruzuma Sex - Hoka no Otoko ni Inwai Houshi Suru Ai Suru Tsuma. Those NTR are non-traditional in a way that the antagonists are not as evil as they were in the traditional titles, and the Heroines are a lot more mature than they usually are in the traditional titles.

The protagonist might still kind of helpless and cannot do anything, but they will feel less desperate and the story is usually more relaxed since the endings are not very sad.

Still, those are new concepts, and companies like Waffle that are not gonna focus too much on NTR titles are probably not gonna try to attempt it until they found the best way to demonstrate them.

So it would be normal to keep the old classic way since they are pretty well developed and there are many concepts available. Well, there are people who like it, so they make it. I also think that it is a great classic NTR nukige, and if they made some modifications they might receive some criticism from those traditional people.

But what you said is true. NTR stories are usually like that and are supposed to be like that. If you don't like it you can check some of the titles that I talked about previously. I think those titles are not as hardcore as the traditional titles, so it is easier for people to read without having a bad aftertaste.
#3 by ardipahlawan88
2021-01-02 at 12:23
< report >thnx for you reply and information, bro
#4 by kidbuu25
2021-01-12 at 05:37
< report >@2 Do you know any NTR titles that have ending in which the bad guy grows to love the heroine and they become happy couple after leaving the cuck beta MC behind? This one is more non-traditional though.
#5 by nickyy
2021-01-12 at 06:24
< report >I wanna try this novel
#6 by ecchihieronymus
2021-01-12 at 08:00
< report >#4

Kanojo no Karada ni Tsuita Aitsu no Kiss Ato ~Osananajimi no Kyonyuu Kanojo wa Senpai no Ookina Ude ni Tsutsumare Toroketa Emi o Ukaberu~

The 'bad guy' is just another contender for the heroine's heart in this one, probably what you're looking for or at the very least pretty close to it.
#7 by kidbuu25
2021-01-12 at 12:46
< report >#6 Thanks for recommendation but I already did it long ago. That's one of my fav and I'm still looking for titles with the same setup.
#8 by pocongpohon
2021-01-12 at 19:08
< report >#4

#9 by kidbuu25
2021-01-13 at 03:21
< report >#8

Iirc doesn't 1st only has 2 good endings with the MC (1 is pure vanilla and the other has NTR but the heroine comes back to MC in the end) and 2 bad endings which are either the heroine decides to cheat on MC even after marriage or she breaks up with MC to become the other guy's sex slave? I don't recall there is happy ending with the NTR guy. Even in the break up ending, he says that he won't take responsibility after the heroine gets knocked up and gives birth to his kid.

I haven't done 2nd but netorase is not my thing since the NTR feels is weak when MC knows what going on and even tries to make it happen. Still if it has happy ending for the heroine and NTR guy I will give it a try later.

Thanks for recommending :DLast modified on 2021-01-13 at 03:23


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