This game really needs the remake.

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#1 by lapbunny
2011-05-30 at 22:33
< report >I just finished it recently, and I must say, it was quite good; however, the structure of the game is kind of... Questionable. There was so much repetition that it made it kind of hard to connect to the gamel. I kind of hope they clean that up when the game comes out; I wouldn't mind a more enforced playing order if it meant that the paths were a lot more unique.

Also, the art needed touching up. It was good, but people sometimes looked a lot different in different positions; Hisui kind of suffered there.

...And it definitely needed more music. A lot more music.Last modified on 2011-05-30 at 22:34
#2 by overmage
2011-06-03 at 06:02
< report >Yeah, the OnScripter engine also really shows its age. This game was made back when Type-Moon was a doujin group, hence the photofiltered backgrounds, small music variety, amateurish art, etc. I loved the tragicness of the story. Very dark. Much darker than F/SN, for that matter. Akiha and Hisui ends make me weep.Last modified on 2011-06-03 at 06:03
#3 by adhinferno
2011-06-03 at 06:53
< report >Have you ever read this link ?Last modified on 2011-06-03 at 06:54
#4 by gabezhul
2011-06-03 at 18:58
< report >Err... Of course they know that, that's why they are glad there will be a modern rema...
Wait, I just realized it was you who gave that link...
Round one. Obliviousness from the left field, completely not mad Hungarian scientist: 1:0 -.-'

Anyways, I wouldn't go as far to say this game NEEDS a remake, but it's true it will be a very nice thing to have.
Actually, you know who is the one who REALLY needs that remake. Sacchin! Isn't it just sad?
#5 by hikigane
2011-06-03 at 20:28
< report >I'll just leave this here, and weep for humanity, wait, no, scratch humanity, sacchin.
#6 by alexdc
2011-06-30 at 03:32
< report >Remake? Maybe improved original, nothing more. Image style is...sweet amateurs)
#7 by shantk
2011-09-03 at 03:18
< report >Finally completed it myself, and yeah, the quality's worth a comment or two. The plot's indubitably good - that isn't even necessary to comment about. But at times, it almost felt like a drag to read on. Like I had to force myself. To be honest, I think that's just the audio. The lack of voice acting is basically forgiveable given that they were still a doujin group, but the music was incredibly repetitive and had such a small variety that I'd just have preferred to read this as a book rather than on a computer.

Actually, that's a great idea that obviously won't go anywhere. This would've made a great light novel, besides the fact that I'm not sure how well the different routes would reconcile with that...
#8 by delirius
2011-09-04 at 14:55
< report >
the music was incredibly repetitive and had such a small variety that I'd just have preferred to read this as a book rather than on a computer

It was bugging me too so I replaced most tracks with mp3s from the anime's ost, many of them have a similar feel only are much better. Took a while but was worth it.
#9 by loctar87
2011-09-04 at 18:23
< report >I also played with an alternative sound track. I don't know if it was from the anime OST or somewhere else, but it sounded close to the original music but higher quality and in an arrangement that's much easier on the ears. Not a bad upgrade since you have to listen to those same 10 songs over and over.
#10 by unkind
2011-09-04 at 22:14
< report >mirrormoon's installer includes direct links to the alternate OST in the readme doesn't it? lol
#11 by tthammy
2011-09-12 at 17:39
< report >same poeple who remake umineko or higurashi should remake this :)
#12 by azathoth
2011-09-12 at 18:19
< report >If the game is ever remade, it's by the same creators.. Who would ever want to give out their story to make another company earn money? Please don't necro any more threads with nonsense.
#13 by surferdude
2011-09-12 at 20:24
< report >If the game is ever remade, they'd better include a Satsuki route or there WILL be blood lol.
#14 by gabezhul
2011-09-12 at 20:26
< report >Errr... Thanks for a punchline that was already said three months ago, I guess? :P
#15 by surferdude
2011-09-12 at 21:35
< report >You're welcome :b
#16 by ayreos
2011-10-01 at 03:48
< report >i'm still resisting the urge to play it, so i can play the remake first...resisting, resisting...
#17 by loctar87
2011-10-01 at 04:11
< report >@16 I totally understand. I personally am avoiding buying a car, so I can get the personal starship that's planned to be released with the remake. I've heard that it will go at least warp 5.
#18 by emmanuelvr
2011-10-01 at 08:36
< report >At this rate, a starship with warp 5 capabilities might actually come out before the Tsukihime remake.

And I'm being totally serious here.
#19 by overmage
2011-10-01 at 09:42
< report >lol.

and @16; look at mahoyo. it was planned for 2010, delayed to 2011, and now delayed to 2012...

at this rate tsukihime remake will be scheduled for 2021 at the earliest. Honestly, unless you want to wait a minimum of 8 years, you're better off playing it now.
#20 by tsukasa
2011-10-20 at 00:04
< report >Erogamescape thinks more like 2030 lol.



You might as well play this one and play the remake later. You will just ruin the original game if the remake, which I hope will remain faithful to the original + Sacchin route turns out to be better.
#21 by moogy
2011-10-20 at 03:34
< report >1/1/30 is the default date used for games without set release dates on EGS
#22 by tsukasa
2011-10-21 at 08:01
< report >Oh really? Never knew about that. That's a hell of a weird date to pick though.
#23 by izmosmolnar
2011-10-21 at 18:01
< report >They used to display next year's January 30th which was more confusing when some games really have estimated release dates for a year ahead, in which case EGS' TBA with next year's 1/30 could be misinterpreted as real even if it wasn't.Last modified on 2011-10-21 at 18:02
#24 by metaler
2011-10-26 at 18:40
< report >So the Tsukihime Remake is like the Duke Nukem Forever of eroge?
#25 by gabezhul
2011-10-26 at 18:48
< report >No, because it won't suck when it will finally be released. :P