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#1 by tomtheerogeman
2020-06-30 at 04:05
With the exception of a few kemonomimi VNs, this is probably one of the cutest looking ones I've ever seen, so I thought I should read it. It's also about baking sweets, and the story gets pretty technical about it as well, but as someone who doesn't like junk food it feels more like some kind of fairy tale, for the lack of a better term. I still thought it was nice to read though because baking fresh food seems like a dying art, at least in my neck of the woods; a lot of stores don't sell fresh stuff anymore and bring in processed slop from the factories just outside of town to save money. Yeah, I'm giving this game a shot.

Now this being a moege there isn't too much to say, except that it's the protagonist following his passion for baking sweets by enrolling in a high school with an elective course about baking sweets. He's the only boy in a small class of just girls (except the teacher, she's really a man). As somebody in EGS said, you make sweets, then you make girlfriends, then you make babies, and there's not much else to it. I was also hoping that since the girls in this game eat junk food quite a bit that they'd have just slightly bigger bellies, but of course with anything 2D that's asking for too much.

The feature that stands out the most that I've never seen before in one of my VNs is the built-in glossary of terms. Some of the definitions are obvious with context, sometimes even obvious in general, but after I while I think the main purpose is more to log everything that appears in the game for you to try at home or something. Most of it is stuff relating to baking sweets of course, but occasionally there is stuff that's completely unrelated and every now and then it gets a bit inconsistent. Like somehow the developers thought it was necessary to define 男の娘 but not Hansel and Gretel lol.

Also that reminds me, if you rely on machine translations or something you might've been left wondering why the setting changes so that one moment the protagonist is in a school hallway and the next moment he is in a forest or something. The context is that there is a school festival that takes place later in the common route, and the students at the baking class decided that they should do more than just bake a generic buffet for people to line up and take sweets from. So they decided on a Hansel & Gretel theme where they would bake a house made of sweets and the teacher decorated the classroom to look like a forest so that it closely relates to that fairy tale. That's all that it was.

The routes end a bit too abruptly IMO, thus this is definitely one of those VNs that will make you feel lonely in the end if you get too mentally attached to the girl you like the most. I feel like this game would be much better if they scrapped one or two routes and spent more time making the others feel more complete. Apart from that it's kind of simple and not that hard to read, my kind of game I guess. I recommend this game to people who have an interest in western-style sweets, cute girls, and not much else in the way of story. Like there's a lot of dialogue about class projects, tests and stuff that the characters do in order to do well in their baking class but it's obvious that they don't have much trouble with that sort of thing. Not sure about Suzuki though because she's bad at baking at the start of the game and I didn't read her route, I read Nonoka, Fuuka and Mieru's routes.

Also there's another thread in the discussions for this game, if you want spoilers by any chance then you should take a look as well.


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