Favorite route?

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#1 by servthedev
2020-07-17 at 00:24
< report >I'm surprised this hasn't been asked yet, considering it's been almost a year since this game came out.
#2 by fuukanou
2020-07-17 at 01:28
< report >I've been struggling to pick between Touka and Uguisu. I know there are lots of people who call this entire game heresy because of the sci-fi elements (and complain about the time travel), but I think it was a good change up from the tone works formula (and I can appreciate why some people were unhappy with this). I could probably at a push say my least favourite route was Seira's... not by any fault of Seira's route, it was decent, it's just that the others were better.

I'm also struggling to pick between the side heroines as they're all actually really good (so much so that I wish they had more content).

can we just say that sweetsummerrainbow was the worst route? am i allowed to dodge the question that way?Last modified on 2020-07-17 at 01:31
#3 by nukihunter
2020-07-17 at 02:14
< report >Best Girl : Touka
Best Route : Uguisu (Touka come second)

Rein was weak. Surprised to see FD from her. Agree with #2, while this concept might be lame by some people, I thought that the way Tonework executed it was amazing.Last modified on 2020-07-18 at 01:56
#4 by servthedev
2020-07-17 at 18:05
< report >Yep, don't know why they decided to go with Rein for the FD, I don't think there was ever a popularity poll or something like that. Would've liked to see an after story for Touka's route considering how it ended.
#5 by nukihunter
2020-07-18 at 02:57
< report >#4 Yeah. For Sakura Rein, this is the first time I really not liking a heroine in Toneworks. I'm failed to see any qualities in her. Chuuni+ gamer type of heroine really not warrant any good outcome in my opinion.
Even Seira and all the side heroines was better in overall.Last modified on 2020-07-18 at 03:02
#6 by komorebi
2020-08-04 at 21:21
< report >Rein was one of the most popular heroine of 2019 in the Getchu 2019 Character Ranking, so maybe that's why they made her FD.

Anyways my favourite route is Touka's and best girl is also Touka imo.


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