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#1 by vndbaccount
2020-07-22 at 15:47
< report >It is probably not the most important thing in this game, but since Mama x Holic is coming out, is there any kind soul that could give a summarizations of heroine routes, so that we are best prepared ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thank you
#2 by mikiru
2020-07-22 at 16:13
< report >Are you talking about a new game or Love x Holic?
#3 by vndbaccount
2020-07-22 at 18:27
< report >I am talking about Love x Holic
#4 by mikiru
2020-07-22 at 18:45
< report >What prevents you from playing the game yourself? The new game is still only released after 2 months, which is enough time to close the game with all the endings. Do not spoil the experience of the game with a summary.
#5 by vndbaccount
2020-07-22 at 19:26
< report >Fair point. Google Translate discourages me quite a bit trying to guess what it means. For the next couple of months I'd rather pick up a bit more grammar, rather than guess-playing the original game.
#6 by kratoscar2008
2020-07-22 at 22:08
< report >Cant say much from Kuon's and Suzuka's route but I can of the others:


Seira's is pretty simple and its mainly her seducing MC. Her story is that as the daughter of the ruling dragon tribe she is being scheduled to marry someone in the Fafnir family. She escapes to Japan and there she falls in love with MC. Eventually you meet her (Spriteless) parents where she shows that she has become the strongest dragon by defeating her father. Then after you have filled her with magic you branch the routes. In one she seduces MC and tries to breed with him which gets you the pregnant end. In the other her ex fiance tries to kill him and she trashes him as MC finally accepts to marry her.
Kykiou route is she revealing that she has been attracted to the MC due to MCs magic. She also starts feeling like a member of his family but that goes against her role as a servant to Kuon's family. So MC has to make her decide to be with him and confess that he lovers her. In the enr MC awakens the other girls but he decides to make her his bride and they have a child.
Mai's is she also being attracted to MC due his magic and the fact that her husband spends most of his life asleep. Eventually she loses control of herself because she wants his magic so badly that she freezes the whole mansion and threatens the town itself so MC fucks her to calm her down which only amplifies her obsession. She is so good at sex that MC also gets hooked to her. Eventually the MC marries Kuon but he has an affair with Mai behind Kuon's back.
Avril is basically she tricks MC into giving her high amounts of magic which she uses to brainwash the entire world into thinking that she and MC are lovers and are going to marry.
Also includes making all the women never being attracted to MC so he only has Avril. In the end he married her and even got her pregnant but MC doesnt lover her but he has no choice but to be with Avril.
HAREM is just the 3 main heroines accepting they all love protag and bickering about who should be the legal wife.


Honestly you are better reading it. I mean if you are going to read the sequel might as well the prequel.
#7 by mutsuki
2020-07-22 at 22:34
< report >why don't you use the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler] tag (without spaces obv)Last modified on 2020-07-22 at 22:35
#8 by kratoscar2008
2020-07-23 at 02:46
< report >Because this database doesnt have an spoiler button.
#9 by mutsuki
2020-07-23 at 03:42
< report >spoilers... but it does it's just not a button. it's just three additional characters over just writing spoiler twice...Last modified on 2020-07-23 at 03:43
#10 by kratoscar2008
2020-07-23 at 04:19
< report >Meh its easier than remembering how to write that.
Besides the thread itself asks for spoilers so meh.
#11 by vndbaccount
2020-07-23 at 11:11
< report >Alright, thank you both @kratoscar2008 and @fuukanou
#12 by kratoscar2008
2020-07-23 at 15:57
< report >#11
#13 by kratoscar2008
2020-07-29 at 14:47
< report >Game story apparently takes place during the common route so you dont need to have played this game.
The only thing that needs context is probably the side heroine who is the sister of the fiance of Seira I talked about (That he is a dick and thats why you should take Seira's side on this).
#14 by vndbaccount
2020-07-29 at 18:00
< report >I speculate a bit about what happen after the Holic Milk is used on the comatose heroine, curious how would the game solve it. Huge thanks for following up.
#15 by kratoscar2008
2020-07-29 at 20:58
< report >Yeah as I said on the other thread the routes might start after the milk is produced which could get the main heroines into the plot. I imagine it will be the mothers getting hooked up to the MC due to their attraction to his essence and the heroines having to either compete with their mothers for MC or them accepting that their mothers have become too attached to him and share him.
At least there should be an option for threesome endings like Mamagoto did.
#16 by bigoppais
2020-08-15 at 23:58
< report >Is there a guide for this anywhere?
#17 by kratoscar2008
2020-08-16 at 03:51
< report >There should be but other than some events here and there I got almost everything.
You have like 60 days to get into a route which is enough time unless you want harem which is more complicated.
To get into a route you must choose what ammount of magic to give the girl. Dont ever switch between ammounts as you will fail to get into a route otherwise.
You also need 100 love points which you garner by chatting with the girls and choosing the right options. Even if you get the choices with the least love gains you can always choose repeatable events to earn them.
You gain magic each day that passes but by exploring the town you can get magic. Check for an small flame icon when choosing an area to explore.
To get into Avril route you must only buy all her items and see all her events.
To get into Kykiou and Mai routes you must advance into Kuon route (Avoid the transformation event as that locks you into a route). Kikyou appears by advancing into Kuon Vampire route and Mai by advancing into her Yuki Onna route. Kykiou needs an Avril Item, an incense, so get it before attempting her route.
Also make sure to buy Avril items as those usually unlock special scenes.
To get into harem you need to get all the heroines into their strongest forms, ie give high ammounst of magic to all. Which is very tricky so plan carefully.Last modified on 2020-08-16 at 03:54
#18 by bigoppais
2020-08-21 at 10:54
< report >For the harem is it just the 3 main girls?
#19 by kratoscar2008
2020-08-21 at 12:20
< report >Yeah and its short. Its basically and ending rather than a route.
#20 by otakuman007
2021-10-10 at 00:06
< report >There is also Oyakodon ending.


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