Why is the "Only bad endings" tag not a spoiler?

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#1 by vninfohata
2020-07-26 at 19:40
< report >I heard about a few games with dark elements such as Anonymous from âge. But when I looked them up they immediately lost my interest after I saw that they only contain bad ends. At worst it's for NTR-Games, because I treat NTR-Games as challenges to avoid the bad ends and end up with a true love story, if available.

But this "Only Bad Ends" tag is actually bothering me because when there are only bad ends I don't feel invested in the game because I know I can't win. But I also don't want to be spoiled and know upfront that this game will not satisfy me.

You know what I'm getting at? Is it possible to make this a spoiler tag?Last modified on 2020-07-26 at 23:11
#2 by fuukanou
2020-07-26 at 20:01
< report >all ending tags are spoilers imo

if you want to see them then that's fine but if you don't then you're fucked
#3 by eacil
2020-07-26 at 20:51
< report >Did you just complain about spoilers by spoiling a game?
#4 by vninfohata
2020-07-26 at 21:12
< report >@3 meta level spoilerLast modified on 2020-07-26 at 21:14
#5 by silvercover
2020-07-26 at 23:35
< report >if you really think about it, all tags are spoilers.
#6 by fuukanou
2020-07-27 at 00:19
< report >#5, yes all tags are inherently spoilers but those which spoil the very end of the game are much worse
#7 by zakashi
2020-07-27 at 04:26
< report >The cover is a spoiler, you can see the characters, even the title is a spoiler, I never played Steins Gate but I'm absolutely sure Steins Gate means something important :D
#8 by silvercover
2020-07-27 at 12:30
< report >#6 well actually, I hardly ever check out tags of VNs I try. usually I just find a VN based on searching for a specific tag or two im interested, then if the description sounds decent enough and score isn't bad il play it without reading what tags it has.
#9 by barfboy
2020-07-30 at 21:33
< report >I disagree, some games are exactly what they say on the tin. Lots of nukige for example
Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Chou Ero ♥ Appli Gakuen!
If this doesn't end with
1. Endings where the protagonist knocks up each heroine
2. At least 1 ending where the protagonist knocks up all the heroines
3. Three way sex between the protagonist, a chosen heroine and her mother
I would be absolutely shocked. These endings would surprise nobody.

But there are also some games that aren't strictly nukige. For example:
Hara Chuchu!! ~Kameba Ano Ko mo H na Tenshi~
It's a Swan game. It will end with
1. The protagonist getting a heroine pregnant
2. The protagonist and heroine having sex while the heroine is 8-9 months pregnant
3. At least one harem end where the protagonist has sex with all the heroines at once, who are all 8-9 months pregnant

Then you just look at the heroines
Shiina Kanade
oh boy! I bet the protagonist is going to get this married woman pregnant and have pregnant sex with her. It would shock nobody to learn she leaves her husband to have the protagonist's baby by the end. She is a heroine in a Swan game

And for games I haven't played.
Nakayoshi Kazoku Nara Kiss mo Nakadashi mo Touzen Da yo ne!
Oh boy! I bet this game ends with the protagonist having sex with each of his sisters. There's probably a harem too.

Other games are just shallow
Koi Suru Kokoro to Mahou no Kotoba
I've never played it but I can guarantee Hearts is not going to make anything but sweet moe moe fuzzy happy relationships as all the endings. It would shock me if they didn't. Seriously, it's Hearts

For some games it makes sense to spoiler the ending. For others it doesn't. Having all endings spoiler by default seems a bit overreaching to me.Last modified on 2020-07-30 at 21:36
#10 by fuukanou
2020-07-30 at 21:39
< report >#9, nukige are exceptions because the story is less important and fetish based endings aren't really what i'd like to see changed

take that last game. let's say hypothetically it's one of those "gotcha" games where all of a sudden it gets really dark. the very presence or lack of presence of the "all good endings" changes what you should be expecting. if you don't see it when you expect it, that in and of itself is a spoiler because that means this happy looking game won't necessarily be happy and you'll spend the game thinking "yep this happiness ain't gonna last" at every point. if you see it then you know for sure there's not going to be not "gotcha".

it's like utsuge. you KNOW it's going to be miserable so it's really hard to have hope if you know that it's not just a nakige instead. in the same way, KNOWING it's a nakige means however bad things seem you know it's somehow magically going to end well. even if it says "heroine only has this long to live" in the official description, who knows, something miraculous could happens and this could not be an utsuge, but having "only happy endings" betrays this tension and surprise.

knowing how something is going to end affects how you read the game and make expectations about what's going to happen next. if you want that then that's great but if you don't then you're fucked as there's no way to filter it out. i don't care if it's a universal spoiler or just a way for users to stop the site displaying certain tags for them on the vn page, but there should be some way to get rid of them.Last modified on 2020-07-30 at 21:59
#11 by rampaa
2020-07-30 at 22:21
< report >
if you don't see it when you expect it, that in and of itself is a spoiler
I am willing to bet that the number of VNs with genre shift is vastly smaller than the number of instances where people didn't bother with tagging a VN with the Only Good Endings tag. So no, the lack of an ending tag is not a spoiler in and of itself.
#12 by fuukanou
2020-07-31 at 00:44
< report >#11 whether it's tagged correctly or not doesn't affect the fact it changes your views on what to expect.
#13 by barfboy
2020-07-31 at 01:10
< report >Yeah I see where you're coming from but the vast majority of games are nukige with moege taking up a significant chunk of the rest. They're just too cheap and easy to make and Japan churns them out like a factory conveyor. I would agree with making them all spoilers but for that.

If we just take just 'bad endings' as the model as the first post suggested even then it doesn't make sense as a standard. For most games you know what you're in for by the box art.

Nightmare x Sisters ~Ingoku no Sacrifice~
Picking a recent nukige at random. These girls are all just doomed. Nobody's going in to this expecting any of the heroines to get out of this as anything but breeding stock for monsters. With so many VNs being nukige I don't see a point to setting the endings as spoilers.

You're right about genre shift but we have a tag for that already.
#14 by reikochan
2020-07-31 at 19:37
< report >A lot of nukiges do have good endings though. The one you picked at random for example does :P
#15 by alto
2020-08-02 at 22:28
< report >The "Only X" tags are the ultimate spoiler tags with the "Only X ending" being the worst of them. Even if I'd personally disagree, I can understand not wanting more general ending or genre tags being spoilers. However I can't see a good argument against making the "Only X ending" tags major spoilers by default. Even in Nukige they make any kind of hope/despair pointless as you KNOW there's no chance of a different ending. The specific Netorare Type A/B/C tags are arguably even worse as they spoil how the story unfolds in addition the endings.


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