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#1 by blackbane
2020-07-27 at 18:14
< report >Got to admit for a low budget doujin game, this is kind of well done. Wish that they have enough budget to actually voice the lines. The minigames are fun to play as well except the damn dishwashing game. Shota is not my cup of tea but I can see myself playing a similar situation or a nukige-like game with these minigames. So if anyone got any recommendations, mind listing them?
#2 by usagi
2021-01-14 at 00:27
< report >Is it even a vn?
#3 by harp
2021-01-14 at 03:34
< report >I wouldn't say it's a VN, but yeah.

They've got a winter one in the works, might've said some timeframe for the release of it on Ci-en.
There's also some earlier stuff, but I don't think they're voiced+dunno about minigames in them. You can see them link there.

As far as other stuff goes nothing really comes to mind immediately.Last modified on 2021-01-14 at 03:36


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