First route? Nice. Anything else? FRUSTRATING.

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#1 by joshuajslone
2020-07-28 at 04:58
< report >I finished the base story yesterday. Took me about 20 hours and I quite enjoyed it, though I could've done without QUITE so much perv humor. However, trying to see additional content proves to be a pain in the ass.

There are issues with skipping quickly through previously read text. Sometimes it won't skip through things I'm sure I've read before. I'm uncertain if this is purely a bug or if I'm into content that is technically different but appears 95% the same. Either way it leaves a lot of same same same stuff to get through again by mashing buttons. There is the option to switch "Skip Unread Text: On", but that risks missing out on actual new things.

When it is being friendly to skip, you can even go quicker by telling it to skip directly to the next chapter break or choice. But when it skips to a choice, it's not always clear what the context is. You see the single line of text before the choices, and going to the text log shows none of the preceding lines. So good luck making an informed decision if all you've got to go on is something like "They're looking at me to answer, so I said".

When going to the menu, it shows which three characters you have the best relationship with. Helpful. But trying to affect that... not so much. When you have a choice to make, it's not clear what will do what. Sometimes an answer that seems rude will be stated in such a way you gain some respect from the person. Sometimes it's the opposite. But all you can tell about these choices on seeing them on subsequent plays is whether you've picked them before or not. So if you're trying to nudge things a certain way, what are your options? Have an amazing memory. Write all this shit down. Cheat by looking up guides where someone else has already written all this shit down. Save scum at each choice until you get what you like.

So far I've repeated the story twice since completing it. Each time took over an hour. The first time, the character I was trying to get to the #1 slot did end up there. The second time, the character I was aiming for ended up in #3. But in both cases... I got exactly the same ending! Nothing new to add to the image gallery (about 1/4 left unrevealed after the default playthrough). 0 of the 13 things in the Special section unlocked. So nudging onto different routes is even less clear than I realized.
#2 by stormwolf
2021-02-24 at 16:22
< report >It's likely not a big, but hmm.. I've had my theories about why it's so that read text is unread in the next. My theory is that if a vn reuses a text by maybe refering to an original piece of text then they will be the same, or maybe it has something to do about ID codes for lines or something. But if 2 identical texts have 2 different lines in the file then they will simply be different texts and won't skip.
#3 by adamstan
2021-02-24 at 16:49
< report >Yes, exactly. It depends on how scenes are divided in script files.
#4 by ablasinab
2021-03-15 at 19:09
< report >That was my biggest gripe with the game as well. Plus, the character specific endings (as well at their scenes during the main story) are too short to really be worth the full replay. Did it anyways and the endings were enjoyable, but it''s definitely a chore.

Another thing that made replaying the game even slower was that the little text that shows at the bottom to display time and place of each scene is unskippable and takes some seconds before the actual text begins (to skip again).


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