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#1 by concord
2020-08-06 at 23:41
< report >Someone I know listened to one of the BGMs in this visual novel, specifically "Breakfast is Ham and Eggs", and found it very good. I myself also found it very good and this person I know is asking me for music like this, music with similar beat and similar instruments like the violin. Could someone recommend music like this or visual novels that have similar BGMs? I'd also like to know who composed these BGMs. I took a look at the staff and I saw that there were five people who were in charge of the composition. Four of them are in charge of the opening and the ending. That just leaves one person there. The name displayed is BURTON but there is no "BGM" written beside his name so I can't be sure if he is the composer of the BGMs. Could someone verify if he is the composer?
#2 by harp
2020-08-07 at 14:04
< report >On vgmdb BURTON is listed as the composer.

You can see their previous releases here link a few of them might be available from digital storefronts. Otherwise you'll have to order them from the usual Japanese storefronts.

The games are, as is usual, probably mostly available digitally. A few of the earlier ones might not be, but the newest definitely are.

In terms of similar music, idk cause I've never played any of these titles or listened to music from them.


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