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#1 by omikron
2020-08-07 at 07:37
< report >Just a quick question:

Is it just me, or wasn't there anything posted on their website since March 19th?
That last update is nearly 5 months old so I'm wondering whether there had been any update since then or not and if so, where can I find it?

I am not talking about the project progress, but the blog/news section!
#2 by encrypted12345
2020-08-07 at 07:53
< report >It's best to check their twitter, but I don't think that Nekonyan has announced a new title since then anyways. The only real new news is the project progress.
#3 by omikron
2020-08-07 at 09:09
< report >Thanks for the quick reply. Have you got a link for me?
#4 by encrypted12345
2020-08-07 at 12:18
< report >link
#5 by omikron
2020-08-08 at 08:01
< report >Thanks a bunch! At least there is a bit more told than on their homepage.


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