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#126 by mikiru
2020-11-28 at 00:10
< report >Well, I have no idea what ANIM.teamMM will do in their next game, but I hope that the game will include at least a wife or a mother with a child in puberty, who can always be used for sweet pleasures. NTR and Netori stories with schoolgirls are somehow not my taste. Let them go back to the milfs.
#127 by anonymous
2020-11-28 at 00:43
< report >schoolgirls are meh for me milfs and moms are the way :D i hope will see a cool mc guy stealing and cucking his mom from his dad or another male and some more struggle maybe breaking her so that she only think about his dick and doing other stuff maybe like making porn making her do dirty poses stuff like that incest wincest this kinda stuff would spice it up

we already know that the mother and wife series are cool but i will never realy change :D the next one of that will be more or less the same like this oneLast modified on 2020-11-28 at 00:43
#128 by johnvic69
2020-11-29 at 04:22
< report >any hcode for this?
#129 by anonymous
2020-11-29 at 06:15
< report >use visual novel reader it worked for me
#130 by kuroonehalf
2020-12-09 at 01:54
< report >Textractor works fine with it too.
#131 by Mutsuki
2020-12-09 at 02:10
< report >i can't believe this thread is still booming
#132 by anonymous
2020-12-23 at 01:53
< report >im so bored just waiting on the next mom and son incest game to be announced from realy any developer i need something to look forward to :D (no step or adopted incest only real incest ones)Last modified on 2020-12-23 at 01:54
#133 by nukihunter
2020-12-23 at 03:49
< report >Rather than waiting for this, typical doujinshi and H Manga is more likely to pop out every week for this fetish. Eroge focusing on mother /son incest is very rare nowadays.
#134 by anonymous
2020-12-23 at 06:21
< report >@nukihunter you dont know me sir i follow EVRYTHING but that being said i do enjoy visual novels the most thats why this sucks

its not that its rare its just not the most main stream just like allot of stuff
#135 by mikiru
2020-12-23 at 06:35
< report >If you're bored waiting for new mother son incest games, you can start reading other games that focus on other fetishes. In your case, milf fetish might be perfect.
#136 by anonymous
2020-12-23 at 09:20
< report >@mikiru tried that but if i dont realy like it then its not for me tnx tho guys :D
#137 by mikiru
2020-12-23 at 09:58
< report >Well, in that case, you will have to wait at least six months (or more) before the announcement of a new game from ANIM Mother & Wife.
#138 by anonymous
2020-12-23 at 10:28
< report >well i mean i dont know if it will be that long ? but im waiting on any game realy that has the content i like does not have to be this company
#139 by mikiru
2020-12-23 at 11:17
< report >Good luck to you. As far as I know, nothing will come out in the next 3 months. ( ̄、 ̄)Last modified on 2020-12-23 at 11:17
#140 by anonymous
2021-07-12 at 19:57
< report >Still no new mom and son incest games announced for this year this sucks but i will keep waiting on them.
#141 by mikiru
2021-07-13 at 02:52
< report >Most likely there will be no announcements until October.
#142 by shadesofblue
2021-07-13 at 18:10
< report >Yeah, I've taken to buy some of the ones on my wishlist as well as doujin, hopefully there is another Musumama soon.
#143 by anonymous
2021-07-15 at 16:13
< report >No mikiru dont say that buddy XD :D anyway this has not been a great year so far for mom and son incest visual novels. I realy hoped a new one this year even one would have been good if it had impregnation and vaginal pregnant sexand more. btw why dith you say October ?

Do you guys btw also not wish we could uncencor all the games on this site im with the sex parts ?Last modified on 2021-07-15 at 16:14
#144 by mikiru
2021-07-15 at 17:07
< report >
why dith you say October ?

ANIM doesn't usually release multiple games in the same month. They currently have a scheduled release for the end of September. Therefore, I make the assumption that announcement may take place a few days after release of this game.

Perhaps the announcement will be made before release of the game, but who knows.
#145 by anonymous
2021-07-15 at 18:31
< report >At this point i will take a mom and son incest game with impregnation and vaginal pregnant sex and more game from any witch company but i do prefer ANIM maybe they can finaly get around to making that game we all talked about half a year ago maybe instead mother and wife we play a guy who does more dirty stuff and steals his mom to be his or something.
#146 by mikiru
2021-07-16 at 06:42
< report >It would be cool to see such a project. However, ANIM.teamMM released its own game this year, so it is very unlikely. Most likely the next game will be from ANIM Mother & Wife studio. If it does, it is guaranteed not earlier than September and October.
#147 by dadadum
2021-07-22 at 19:46
< report >Doesn't Anim M&W usually release 2 games a year?. this year it seems we're getting 0. I wonder what changed
#148 by kuroonehalf
2021-07-22 at 21:42
< report >I think the compilation release might've been part of it. They probably want to space releases out a little. And hopefully they're also bolstering the next game.
#149 by dadadum
2021-07-23 at 22:07
< report >Yeah, hopefully the next game has more of a plot or a more interesting scenario where the mom doesnt just accept sex so easily. A game where the father is also involved would be great...
#150 by mikiru
2021-07-24 at 03:44
< report >Given the trend towards the development of the latest ANIM games, this should not be counted on it. Next part Musumama will not differ globally from its predecessor. I would even recommend praying for the success of the game.Last modified on 2021-07-24 at 03:47