A Koihime spin off game like Arknight towerdefense

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#1 by tbhoang12
2020-08-21 at 17:26
< report >So recently i've discovered Suzukuri Karin-chan and playing it

A quite surprisingly great spin-off of Koihime, focus on gameplay .Kazuto is now in a different world/timeline as an (broke) adventurer ,ran out of income, his teammates leave his party . He must help Sousou (now she is a very weak Demon King amongst countless other Demon King in her's Demon Realm) ressurect her back to life- to battle for the throne and conquer again ! (yep still that Sousou ambition in Koihime ^). All for money reason at first glance, but i think it will change for him overtime (like in Koihime timeline)

If you are Koihime fan , you will definitely enjoy the cameo, parody of the old characters
Even if you're not a fan though, the tower-defense /Arknight like gameplay can still hook you -for many more playthrough (clearly SofthouseChara dev team took many inspirations from RanceX ,before went bankrupt -press F to pay respect_)

For more info: link

Someone has to do it though, better than waitting for Shin Koihime for 5 years ....Last modified on 2020-08-21 at 17:38
#2 by ecchihieronymus
2020-08-21 at 18:16
< report >d6#8
#3 by mutsuki
2020-08-21 at 18:42
< report >#2, it's not that, he's recruiting members for the project in the link.

Also if what was said on the linked page is true you should probably not talk about this anymore on this site.
#4 by hana-saiko
2020-08-25 at 00:51
< report >#1 You should probably stop messing with the game files if you really like the series.
And yes, I'm the NEXTON staff that requested the thread to be taken down.

What you are doing is violating the policy and agreement between several companies that had worked on this title. I'm telling you right now so that you do not get into any legal trouble. Like what the moderator has said, if you want to do it, do it privately where we don't see it. Don't go all around advertising it.
#5 by bobjr2000
2020-08-25 at 05:10
< report >Meh too many games as is imo
#6 by tbhoang12
2021-02-22 at 08:15
< report >Blog about English Translation for Suzukuri Karin-chan
#7 by vninfohata
2021-02-23 at 14:15
< report >@4 I hate this fucker who tries to translate this with passion too... but you need to provide some proof if you claim to be NEXTON Staff. And no, posting a localization poll doesn't count.Last modified on 2021-02-23 at 14:16


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