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#1 by omikron
2020-08-22 at 20:47
< report >My review of "Under One Wing":

Whether I recommend it or not depends on one's personal preferences mostly.
Here's why:

The game has its common route just like every other VN too. I enjoyed the CR quite a lot in terms of humor, characters and the story of how and why everything and everyone came together. But plot-wise I didn't feel like there is much. To be honest I can't really remember if there are choices in the CR but if there are they don't have any meaning to them at all. Only the character's response differs but those choices don't have ANY impact on the route you'll get on at a later point.
Once you'll get to the decision screen where you have to choose one of four types of planes (each being the plane piloted by one heroine) you choose a plane (girl) and thus the route you want to read.

From that point on all 4 character routes follow the same pattern with the exception of one:
- Protag finds himself in love with the heroine
- Love is confessed SHORTLY after that realization
- All h-scenes with the exception of one are displayed
- Whatever plot there is, it is told. But believe me plot-wise I really urge you DO NOT expect much, please!
- Character routes are shorter than the CR
- Final showdown takes place
- end credits
- last h-scene in a type of 'afterstory'.

ONE route, however, does not follow that pattern, but has slight differences.
Instead, it follows a different pattern:
- Protag finds himself in love with the heroine
- Love is confessed SHORTLY after that realization
- All h-scenes are displayed
- This one route really had a lot of plot to tell, at least in my opinion
- Character routes are shorter than the CR
- Final showdown takes place
- end credits
- a short 'afterstory' takes place.
Before reading that route I didn't feel like there was a 'true end', but after reading that route I had a change of heart. IF, and only IF you're going to the read this VN at some point and finish all routes, you'll definetly know which route I meant by the one being the 'true end'. It couldn't be more obvious which one would count as the 'true end', believe me, it couldn't.

Personal opinion without spoilers:
I think that all 4 routes could be rated when it comes to the plot told on each individual route.
Plot-wise the sequence I read:
Mimari (1) < Nahoko (2) < Hikari (3) < Kazusa (4). Each route had more plot in it than the previous one. Still, route 1 and 2 are very close to one another.
I felt like that after the confession the focus turns towards the sex almost entirely which bothered me a lot. In almost every route one scene would come after the other sometimes without much of a break which gave me the feeling of the VN having some Nukige vibes... That disappointed me, becaus it is NOT a Nukige. (Please remember: Nukige means almost none to no plot at all with its focus (almost) entirely on the sex scenes.)
After the sex scenes are shown the focus changes again to whatever little plot there is. Route 4, in my opinion, really had much to offer in terms of plot.

So, to come back to the initial question: Do I recommend it? To make it short:
Based on personal preferences I RECOMMEND IT...
...if you like VNs whose CR offers more story and plot than most of the individual character's routes.
...if you enjoy reading through the h-scenes in a fast paced manner with almost no other aspect to focus on. Do not misunderstand me here: The h-scenes are pretty long and well done, so it takes time to read through them. What I mean by 'fast paced' is that nearly all h-scenes are played after one another with nearly no break/space in between.
...if you're looking for VNs which have a rather light feeling to them, by which I mean not having too much drama and whatever is being told is not blown out of proportions entirely (except one situation).

Based on my personal opinion I would recommend it, even if only for two of the four routes and the common route (CR). I personally liked all girls, but my two favourites being Kazusa and Hikari.
I think the h-scenes are very well done, nearly all of them. The art is beautiful and the music is also enjoyable and suits the various situations.
The heroines differ from one another in various aspects which I think is good. Different personalities, mostly good side characters, only one I didn't get, being the grandmother. I found her to be annoying and nothing else.

So, yeah, it gets a 7/10 from me. Although it pains my heart, but the missing plot and the heavy focus on the sex after the confession just felt bad. Even though the focus changes again afterwards...
Best girl: Hikari > Kazusa > Nahoko > Mimari
Best route: Kazusa > Hikari > Nahoko >= Mimari

If you have any questions, shoot.
Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below! ;-)Last modified on 2020-08-22 at 21:08
#2 by taiketsu
2020-08-22 at 20:59
< report >So i remember i liked Kasuza bc she is a tsundere and her ending was my personal fav and overall her route is what u kinda except of a tsundere and the lead up was most of the common route afterall.
Mimari was kinda the only "plot" i remember which was nothing new but overall enjoyable for me.
Hikari was ok i guess but the whole secret of her being ur childhood friend was kinda to long hidden if i remember right.
Nahoko was kinda like "oh sht i just fked my kohai but i love him" or something along the lines and her voice while not being bad kinda grated on my nerves a little bit. Her plot and the tournament was overall good i think.
For being a maiden title for that company i think overall it was good and enjoyable and i liked the artstyle so im hoping for some nice works in the feature.Last modified on 2020-08-22 at 21:00
#3 by omikron
2020-08-22 at 21:04
< report >Yep, I started to prefer tsundere-type heroines in the past too.


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