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#151 by mrkew
2020-12-04 at 13:16
< report >Look at #3 #4 #5 #6 and you'll see it was a popular feature. Maybe if the screenshots had the game's name written above or below the picture, it'd work, but having to hover over each of them is unfun. Game titles are often made to quickly provoke interest in people browsing through stores.
#152 by yorhel
2020-12-04 at 13:56
< report >Honestly, I think the only reason it's popular is because people have developed silly a habit of looking at it, and habits are hard to get rid of (which is why, while I changed the boxes a bit, the same functionality is still ~roughly~ at the same place). The random VN list is not intrinsically fun or useful enough to warrant a place on the homepage, IMO.

t950.863 may be an idea, though.
#153 by ninius
2020-12-04 at 17:47
< report >#151, A bit lazy of you if it's "unfun" to hover over the pictures lol. The pictures can provoke interest on their own too.Last modified on 2020-12-04 at 17:49
#154 by mrkew
2020-12-04 at 18:22
< report >That's exactly the strategy for picking enticing titles - to battle the customers' laziness and unwillingness to check every available title in close detail. A hot or intriguing title does certainly more than a tiny blurry picture. It was certainly more useful for general userbase than the forums being split into 2 boxes, thought that might be useful for mods surely. Perhaps we'll see the day when we can pick what boxes we want on the main page in the settings.
#155 by adamstan
2020-12-04 at 19:55
< report >I never used Random VN list to search for games to read, but I found many thanks to random screenshots.
#156 by lucumo
2020-12-05 at 18:55
< report >Random screenshots is one of the few interesting things of the main page. Apart from that, I found announcements (separate), DB discussions, VN discussions (excluding "review" comments), upcoming releases & just released (if those could be configurable) useful. Random VN list I didn't really care about but at least it wasn't actively useless like "recent changes" which can be better followed on IRC or better seen under "recent changes" in the menu.
Also, like I said, releases should be configurable. I don't care about non-PC releases at all, I don't care about English releases either, which especially include chapters of some crappy 3D games. At least that way, the listings wouldn't clutter up with garbage.
#157 by butterflygrrl
2020-12-06 at 01:51
< report >I mean, I used both the screenshots list and the titles list to look at stuff all the time, they're enticing in different ways. sometimes the title of a game catches my interest, sometimes a screenshot does.

Also, things with screenshots are more likely to be quite well populated entries, where the random titles list would include way more obscure stuff (or upcoming stuff) and often lead me to games that need their information updated. that's a personal hobby that not everyone has, obviously.Last modified on 2020-12-06 at 01:51
#158 by hakubo
2020-12-09 at 14:04
< report >Please restore the NV random list, I need it please thank you
#159 by yorhel
2020-12-09 at 14:13
< report >link
#160 by mrkew
2020-12-09 at 15:49
< report >Not the same functionality - it doesn't include default filters.
#161 by eacil
2021-01-06 at 07:32
< report >I don't care that much but do we accept the kind of review 198800 wrote. It consists in a template where you check boxes and write one line at the end.
It could be summarized as:
Characters B--
Story C
Music A
It was boring.
If we want to maintain a minimum of quality, I think this should be forbidden, IMO.Last modified on 2021-01-08 at 09:21
#162 by funnerific
2021-01-07 at 14:56
< report >#161 I concur.
#163 by vninfohata
2021-01-07 at 15:04
< report >#161 I mean... I don't see a problem if this is in the short review category :thinking:
#164 by beliar
2021-01-07 at 15:36
< report >Well, he's not trolling, and mini reviews are actually just short recommendations, rather than actual reviews, so honestly I don't see much of a problem with his way of doing it.
#165 by eacil
2021-01-07 at 22:15
< report >Then why do we have a lower limit of 200 characters? If you remove the copy pasta, they all fail the test. If this is just a matter of pointing out what you like (recommend), we can sort personal lists by votes. Even recommendations (they are not, you can be negative) need arguments. Here, there are none. How are they different from w166 or w1273 who were flagged?Last modified on 2021-01-07 at 22:37
#166 by silvercover
2021-01-08 at 07:50
< report >id also just like to bring up again how I think its kinda lame and unfair how people who reviewed something can't rate other reviews from that VN. really puts a disadvantage for people who review first, as the next reviewers can rate your review as bad before submitting theirs.
#167 by yorhel
2021-01-08 at 07:54
< report >
as the next reviewers can rate your review as bad before submitting theirs
And their rating will get ignored as soon as they submit their own review. Honestly, ratings are barely used right now so I wouldn't pay much attention to it.
#168 by funnerific
2021-01-09 at 05:42
< report >Do you think we could implement a view counter, or something to see the total amount of people who voted either of the options? You know, just to see how much attention the review got.
#169 by silence
2021-01-29 at 09:21
< report >Can we somehow edit our review? During one hour, at least.
Found some stupid typos after publishing, so I would like to correct them.
#170 by yorhel
2021-01-29 at 09:30
< report >The edit button is on the right top of your review page (w1440), above the report link.
#171 by silence
2021-01-29 at 09:33
< report >Oh, thanks T_T
#172 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-08-26 at 19:24
< report >Is it possible to reduce the limit of how many reviews you can add a day?

I have quite a bit of VNs I could do reviews of but having a limit of 5 per day seems a bit much.
#173 by mutsuki
2021-08-26 at 20:15
< report >#172, just for you we can reduce the limit to 0 ;)
#174 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-08-26 at 22:26
< report >then just for vndb I can reduce the amount I donate per month to 0.
#175 by magicflier
2021-08-28 at 00:04
< report >^ I think you mean 'increase or up' the limit, not reduce. Like increasing the limit to 10 or 15 reviews per dayLast modified on 2021-08-28 at 00:05