Wishlist sorting

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#1 by gambsgambs
2020-09-02 at 23:44
< report >Sorting a wishlist by label uses alphabetical order. This means you can only order by high->low->medium or medium->low->high rather than the much more natural high->medium->low or low->medium->high. I think it would be helpful to make the default behavior the latter.
#2 by mutsuki
2020-09-03 at 00:35
< report >iirc the new label system doesn't have "Wishlist-High" etc. (as in the ones that were transferred from the old system) as built in labels anymore (so you can rename them to anything). As a result you should probably just rename the labels to ones that can be sorted alphabetically (maybe like "Wishlist-1-Low", "Wishlist-2-Medium" etc.)

idk the technical side of it, but making a special sorting order for non-built-in labels seems like it'd be problematic so i wouldn't raise your hopes for itLast modified on 2020-09-03 at 00:37
#3 by gambsgambs
2020-09-03 at 02:11
< report >I see, I didn't realize my labels were outdated. Just renamed them as you suggested and sorting works as intended.


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