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#1 by ryuku
2020-09-15 at 14:12
< report >With the cancellation of the Kickstarter, the game has also been shelved. The developer may decide to re-launch in the future, according to their last update on the KS page. The only playable content is the prologue, which has recently been released via Steam.

#2 by shinytentacool
2020-09-15 at 15:26
< report >Curious what happens now to the database entry. It won't be finished so it gets deleted, is that right?
#3 by ninigi
2020-09-15 at 16:15
< report >The demo has been released, so it stays here.

Edit: I do wonder what's the difference between the prologue on Steam and the demo version on both itch and KS's page?Last modified on 2020-09-15 at 16:21
#4 by ryuku
2020-09-15 at 17:42
< report >There are a few minor fixes/cosmetic changes in the Prologue version.
#5 by poudink
2020-09-16 at 13:45
< report >Welp, that's a RIP and half if I've ever seen one. I guess it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, we already have more than enough romance VNs to satisfy the demand.


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