What If? this game gets anime adaption

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#1 by siotechua
2020-09-17 at 04:14
< report >While I was watching some YT vids, there was this user who said that "I wish summer pockets would have an anime just like litte busters, angel beats, and clannad" and my thought of having summer pockets into anime would be completely impossible based on how the story goes and progress until the end. And if summer pockets would try a similar setting like amagami (like having 4 episode for a single heroine) would be less likely not interesting since that all of those 4 heroine may have similar story parts although they different in the major scenes of the story especially when kanome and tsumugi has the same way of the story but only in the beginning of the route.

Anyways, based on how I see it, it would be impossible to have an anime adaptation of this game. What are thoughts about this? having summer pockets as an anime?
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2020-09-17 at 04:58
< report >no stop it. did that person even forget how rewrite adapted before? even at that time key should use mobage to improve rewrite anime quality to have less mess for moon-terra route

but summer pocket have less battle scene not like rewrite so it is possible right? no, it is still no but not big no. what make summer pocket become hard to adapted is

1. where they should slip "kageboshi monologue"? let's said that they use shiroha route as main timeline, until reach her route suddenly we hear the monologue. that will feel weird, so what if we slip it in shiroha route? just because shiroha route have less content it doesn't mean add monologue can improve it

2. ideally by give some mystery about shichiecho from ao route, weird summer adventure with kamome, last summer with tsumugi and time travel with shiki before reach shiroha route is the best option to fill up the setting. but if they do this, they should raise the episode become more than 12/13 unless they butcher it later like mince rewrite

3. mimic rewrite season 1 where it is very original and it is not in any heroine route but prepare for flame later

4. most of anime staff didn't like shiroha route but like alka-pocket route <- this is the start of junk adaptation

5. give too much love to eroticism ao in anime adaptation, we vn reader know that it is to appear her but why it try to make shimoneta anime? it is key right?

i think it is the hardest part to adapt summer pocket, it is not too hard like rewrite but it is not so simple like little buster. btw angel beats is originally an anime so it is not weird if it look spectacular because since start it doesn't refer any source too much
#3 by siotechua
2020-09-18 at 04:35
< report >I forgot that part about shiroha route, her route is not much of a good plot or story to be animated but her true route was really best. For ao, I really don't about it since you know ero things
#4 by silvercover
2020-09-18 at 05:52
< report >>it would be impossible to have an anime adaptation of this game

nah the answer is never impossible, its just a question if its a good and/or faithful adaptation. also its not just the amagami format they could go with you know(and heck has there been anything else like that besides yosuga no sora?), there's the FSN one where they can dedicate 1 season for 1 route.
#5 by berunka
2020-09-18 at 07:41
< report >I think all the routes except Shizuku's and Tsumugi's are pretty compatible with each other. Yeah, the problem is Umi and her decline, but I think an anime adaptation can follow the Little Busters! Refrain way when it applies the time reset. I'm sure they won't adapt the same scene three times to show Umi's decline.

Btw if it adapts the original routes, I think 24-26 episodes are enough. If it adapts RB routes too, it should be a 3 cour anime.
#6 by mutsuki
2020-09-19 at 03:38
< report >it'll be a 11 episode trainwreck

produced by some no-name studio with a budget of about 500 yen

probably with a recap episode in the middle somewhere
#7 by silvercover
2020-09-19 at 13:07
< report >its a Key series though, I doubt it would be given poor conditions, though granted I haven't kept up with anime stuff so dunno if their reputations fell since last time I remember.
#8 by erlay
2020-10-19 at 14:35
< report >its just my calculation and hope, S1 2cour 3-5episode Cummon, And 4-5 episode for the main 4 heroine. and S2 yeah for Alka and Pocket route, if this game get adapt tshould got some episode like amagami+ or photokano or seirin
#9 by behappyeveryday
2020-10-20 at 11:09
< report >The end results would depend on a studio doing it. Kanon, Clannad, and Air DO have great adaptations, Little Busters is decent too, they even have Angel Beats as original anime that isn't bad. But the adaptation of Rewrite is terrible and contrived. In the end, it depends on budget. If it is only 13 episodes then you can expect that it would be another failure like Rewrite. You'd need at least 26 episodes for this game even then it still would be somehow rushed.
#10 by shirokuza
2020-12-09 at 12:02
< report >Yeah, that Was be interesting.... Especially Kamome Eoute
#11 by vioti
2021-01-09 at 08:36
< report >I heard they want to adapt this . . .
Idk, i heard the rumor about it
Any information ?
#12 by chaosharbringer
2021-01-09 at 08:56
< report >@11, They're "intensely" adjusting it, probably to suit the anime format. link
#13 by diabloryuzaki
2021-01-09 at 09:52
< report >@12
let's hope it is not worked like how they do to rewrite, honestly rewrite anime is completely a joke from beginning until end even it doesn't change too much in bd version. now imagine summer pocket worked by 8-bit the one who do horrible things to rewrite, well it is still better to watch OVA one episode of kud after storyLast modified on 2021-01-09 at 09:52
#14 by shirokuza
2021-01-14 at 23:51
< report >There will be an announcement later, just wait for the results.

#15 by mutsuki
2021-01-14 at 23:57
< report >come on buddy

give me that super summer pockets reflection blue iv alpha with the new 10 minutes long kyouko route

maybe reflection blue switch portLast modified on 2021-01-14 at 23:58
#16 by black99
2021-01-15 at 00:00
< report >You better don't talk anime adaption in VN forums, people hate it. Anyway, they won't watch, it's the usual free shit talk.
#17 by vario
2021-01-15 at 05:52
< report >I'm pretty sure that the last "key" is a new Key's VN that Baba teased in that same blog post.
#18 by mutsuki
2021-01-21 at 04:01
< report >i called it. it was a reflection blue switch port. rip kyouko route dreams

but wtf if you have the base game you can get reflection blue as a dlc for 3k yen

where the actual fuck was that for pc. i paid 8k for the base game and then 9k for reflection blueLast modified on 2021-01-21 at 04:02


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