Any other games with a constructor mode?

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#1 by behappyeveryday
2020-09-18 at 08:20
< report >It is the only game I've seen so far where you can conveniently create your own h-scenes using assets from the game. It has an extremely easy interface and a large variety of BGV/BGS. Are there any other games like this where you can create and WRITE your own scenes? It was hella fun creating ntr-scenes for Tenioha. xD
I remember doing the same thing a few years ago and uploading it on anime-sharing.

There are games like Custom Maid where you can modify girls whatever you want and in some other constructor games you can create scenes of your own, but I didn't find any game that allows you to write text and dialogues yourself. I even checked Tenioha 2, but, unfortunately, it doesn't have this nice function either. I know that you can create your own VNs easily with TyranoBuilder or not so easily with RenPy, but it is different. There is too much work to do, lol. And here everything is ready and anyone can easily create their own scenes without any prior knowledge.Last modified on 2020-09-18 at 08:21


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