You favorite Demi MILF

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#1 by paiin
2020-09-26 at 08:15
< report >For me it was Yasha. Her H-Scene are so hot and love all those positions.
Furthermore she wants to spoil you <3
#2 by shigokare
2020-09-26 at 08:59
< report >Yeah absolutely love Yasha
#3 by green
2020-09-26 at 09:58
< report >Either Sally or Yasha, tie between the two. I love dark skinned heroines, and Yasha's scenes were awesome.
#4 by bobjr2000
2020-09-26 at 15:57
< report >man forgot about this one. Do they have their own ending or is it all harem?
#5 by ppp
2020-09-26 at 16:25
< report >two endings for each + harem
#6 by mikiru
2020-09-26 at 16:48
< report >Why is there no option with all three?
#7 by ppp
2020-09-26 at 16:57
< report >8 ending in total i thinkLast modified on 2020-09-26 at 16:58
#8 by klutch
2020-09-27 at 02:45
< report >imagine not voting for arigatou in 2020
#9 by pik3rob
2020-09-28 at 03:24
< report >Mai's definitely the hottest. Her breasts have the best shape and I love the yuki onna aesthetic with the blue hair and lighter skin.

There's 12 endings total, I think. Each heroine has 3 endings, since along with the good ending and the best ending there's a bad ending for each. There's also the two side heroine ends and the overall bad end with no girl chosen.
#10 by paiin
2020-09-28 at 09:14
< report >Gonna say I found Sally really disappointing.
I expected 3 MILFs/Mothers.

Yasha is your perfect doting Mom, who wants to spoil you.
Didn't start Mai's route yet.

But Sally dosen't act like a Mom more like a Highschool girl who learned what love is for the first time, ik that was her plot.
Somehow I expected that she would hate the MC first and later she starts to love him and wants to spoil him.

I mean she is really hot but I find Yasha's and Mai's H-scene way better.
Really enjoyed Yasha. Hopefully Mai is more like a Mom than Sally.

Though Yasha's husband really pissed me off. No wonder why she lost all her trust and love to him.
He deleted the memories of the MC, his family and Yasha because Suzuka as child already loved the MC and he couldn't accept that his daugther loves someone else more than him.
When the MC was a child his family and Yasha's family were really close and had a good relationship. But sadly Yasha lost all those precious memories because of her stupid Husband. Since then she hates her Husband.
Moreover the Elixir he used to delete the memories is actually forbidden, basically he is also a criminal.

Furthermore he always tries to get rid of the MC, ofc he wasn't trying to kill him yet.

To be honest, I loved her 2nd route, which is more like a true route for her than route 1. Though she should get divorced. What her Husband did, is seriously unacceptable but the MC always stops her.
Well, at least it looks like they 2 still gonna enjoy their Mother and Son relationship and still have sex, even if he marries Suzuka.

But i love how Yasha became a Soncon.

Really need a third part about Mother vs Daugther^^

Somehow I think they didnt add a oyakodon route this time because they might go for a 3rd part later.Last modified on 2020-09-28 at 09:31
#11 by kratoscar2008
2020-10-20 at 16:03
< report >Sally for me.
Love her design as brown skin is a winner.
Her personality is supposed to contrast with her more sexually open daughter.
She is in a loveless marriage after all so her plot point is to fulfill that dream of her to have someone special to marry to in a marriage with actual love.
It also makes it less carnal than the other mothers who seem like they respect marriage less as it's mostly them being not sexually satisfied.
#12 by praxis
2020-10-26 at 03:46
< report >TBH I didn't play the first one beyond the trial version.
So, based on the design I like Yasha more.
But a bit disappointed that she already dere2 toward MC, knowing Suzuka start of as tsundere.
I didn't expect a doting mother(Son-con) based on her design.
That's my only nitpick.Last modified on 2020-10-26 at 03:47
#13 by sakatagint123
2020-10-30 at 21:01
< report >It's Sally for me too.
There are tons of son-con eroges out there with carnivorous milfs wanting to spoil you. So while I agree that Yasha's scenes are hot, they are still saturated in comparison to her character. Also, I hoped her routes would have more depth to them but seeing as this is a nukige, it's just a personal nitpick.
Sally is definitely the looker. And a hot milf with an erotic body that is experiencing love for the first time and has eyes only for you...can't resist that.
Haven't played Mai's route yet but my vote may change if I like her better.
#14 by ᔕᕼᖇOOᗰᒪOᖇᗪ
2020-11-03 at 17:27
< report >Mai. She's probably the most shameless of the bunch.
Sally was a disappointment and not the kind of character you hope to see given the title. Nicely designed though, visually.
#15 by scorpionmk11
2021-04-06 at 02:58
< report >Mai is such a slut. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but someone turned the slutknob waaaaay too much. She has that weird line that if you don't fuck her she NTRs you or some shit and in first game she outright says she wouldn't give two shits about MC if she didn't have demon essence. Also blandest, weakest design.
But, if she has one thing going on for her, I would say her VA is the best, but all 3 have S tier voice work.

Yasha just seems like better version of Mai TBH. her VA also brings the heat with the Muko dono and she looks like proper demon MILF. For me atleast she's the best.

Sally isn't really a mama, but her sensei play was pretty neat and she has the hottest design. Shes like big upgrade of Seira.
#16 by paiin
2021-04-06 at 15:18
< report >#15 I totally agree with you tbh.

Yasha is my favourite and sadly she was also the only one who fits the title "Mama x Holic".
Really loved her! Mama who spoils you and is really lovely. Exactly what I asked for.

Sally has such a fucking hot design. Especially her clothes are a big turn on.
But I really disliked it that she wasn't acting like a mama but like a highschool girl. I know the reason behind it and it was because of the story. But I was still disappointed that her personality wasnt really Mother/Onee-san like.

Its still funny that only 1/3 MILFs fit the title and Yasha aint even at the cover.

Hopefully the next Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny have MILFs again and this time all have a different but Mama like personality.
#17 by scorpionmk11
2021-04-07 at 21:09
< report >#16 Glad someone feels the same.

I find it really weird that this game doesn't have the "Woman love" vs "Mama love" bar that Ateliers other games have (Mamagoto) so you can make it that Sally spoils you as mama in H scenes or maybe Yasha leaves the Muko-dono and calls you Danna-sama instead.

Also hoping Bare&Bunny finally ups the ante and brings out animated CGs next when older Atelier games had them.Last modified on 2021-04-07 at 21:10
#18 by paiin
2021-04-08 at 13:55
< report >#17 Yea, that would have been nice too tbh.

Well, even if the next title dosent have animated CGs... I wouldnt mind it that much. choco-chips art is so awesome, that it makes up for it.
#19 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-08 at 19:41
< report >Cheshire and HTP have animated scenes.
Bare&Bunny never had them and as far as I know they do their own thing (Which is why Gassa Q and Cheshire dont have nameable protag but HTP and B&B do) so its irrelevant what other brands have done.
#20 by scorpionmk11
2021-04-08 at 20:48
< report >#18 choco-chip art is really good. The only complaint I have is that often his CGs seem way "zoomed in" if that makes sense. His CGs where everything can be seen clearly in shot are often his best. Not a fan of CGs where girl is in position and just out of nowhere cut out dick spawns in.

#19 That is unfortunate, especially now where I feel animated CGs are fairly common with new nukige releases.

I thought since Atelier is parent company that something like animated CGs would be somewhat consistent with all Atelier titles. Not too much of a fan of HonkyTonk and Cheshire titles, but I'm open to recommendations.Last modified on 2021-04-08 at 20:48
#21 by kratoscar2008
2021-04-09 at 00:54
< report >Not saying it cant happen, Cheshire added them recently. Just saying that its not something that can be attributed to a company wide change or that you can look at their past as reference.
As for recommendations, well their recent games are good if you lean towards virgin heroined.
As for their other titles my favorites are Shabura Rental, Arbeit no Senpai (Has a combination of virgin and non virgin heroines) and JD Onsen.
#22 by scorpionmk11
2021-04-09 at 15:23
< report >Thanks, I completely forgot about Shabura Rental despite being it on my radar for so long. Will get too it soon. Also Arbeit no Senpai has really hot looking heroines, so I'll look into that aswell.


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