Plant Sex addition

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#26 by sterelok123
2020-10-18 at 10:54
< report >Well, there had been other categories that were later removed due to lack of use. If that happens, they can just remove it. The monster category is just way too big, anything is a monster.
#27 by sterelok123
2020-10-18 at 10:57
< report >For example, I also added the stuck in meatwall category. It's just different from stuck in wall. It's way too kinky and alien to just call it stuck in wall. The very purpose can be different.
#28 by sterelok123
2020-10-18 at 10:58
< report >Also, while rarer, plants are pretty aesthetically in comparison to red fleshy tentacles. It's beautified tentacle sex in my perverted world.


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