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#1 by koroshiya97
2009-04-10 at 20:33
< report >Seems there is a project for this:
According to visualnovels.net, it is not an april fool's joke
#2 by serialies
2009-04-10 at 22:54
< report >lets wait and see.

April 1st gives a good reason to be weary.

EDIT: also, the contact email is...questionable, but that just just could be a quirk.Last modified on 2009-04-10 at 22:56
#3 by yirba
2013-08-27 at 20:30
< report >That turned out to be just an April Fools joke, but looks like it's going to be translated for real by someone else:
#4 by masturbator
2021-10-27 at 21:28
< report >found this but not sure what came of it


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